2 February 2017


This February the American Heart Association invites you to learn about the importance of heart health. Although more than 27 million Americans are diagnosed with heart disease-the leading cause of death in both men, and women–there are actions that you can take to prevent this common ailment:

For more information about more about the importance of heart health by visiting the American Heart Association.

17 January 2017

Have you heard about Dare to be Wild? If not, let us fill you in.

Dare to be Wild is a platform to build your best life. For 90 days New Earth is asking Wild Ones to cut out processed foods, drink more water, move more, and start (or continue) taking New Earth products.

The premise is simple: we think that these changes will make a positive impact on the people who participate. What if we could spread the gift of good health by simply daring someone to make a few small changes?

Accepting the Dare is easy, join the Dare to be Wild Facebook group and post a video accepting the Dare, then tag other people that you want to join you!

Since launching Dare to be Wild, our group page has flourished into a place of encouragement, and community for those participating in the Dare. Every day Wild Ones are posting updates on their progress with the Dare, and it has been awesome to see the positive ways that this Dare is impacting them.

Did we mention that everyone who participates in the Dare is a winner? After the 90 days are up we ask that you post a video in the Dare to be Wild Facebook group sharing the following:

  • How do you feel now that you’re a Wild One?
  • How do think thousands of Wild Ones could change the world?

Once we see your completion video we’ll send you a Dare to be Wild t-shirt just for completing the 90 days! Participating in the Dare also means that you are eligible to participate in random giveaways and drawings for prizes (and so far we’ve given away some great ones, including three fitness bands)!

We are excited to see the positive impact that the dare has on those participating! With that, we Dare you to be wild!

Join the Dare to be Wild Group.
Find out more about the Dare.

9 January 2017

No matter what your resolutions are, there are things that you can do to maximize your success in making them a reality. Below, we’ve listed three easy ways that you can do just that!

  1. Share your goals with others-when you share your plans with your family and friends it helps to keep you accountable, which will increase your odds of accomplishing your goals.
  2. Break each goal into smaller pieces-breaking down your goals can make them easier to accomplish.
  3. Don’t give up- when it gets hard to keep going remember why you made the goal in the first place. And if you do happen to mess up, remember to keep going-one mistake doesn’t mean that you can’t still accomplish what you set out to do.

Good luck with your resolutions-here’s to your best year yet!

8 November 2016

It’s no secret that the brain is a miraculous and complex organ. Your brain has a big role to play in your daily operations. Simply put, it is responsible for sending and receiving the information that is vital to your body’s overall functions. The brain is resilient and strong, but did you know that seemingly minor things can make a huge impact on your overall cognitive function? Missing sleep, stress, and lack of exercise can play a major role in the way that your brain operates.

BioAgile may help you on your path to mental clarity*. This two ounce liquid shot is all natural and features Sustamine®, Wild Microalgae®, and Cognizin®, a patented, branded form of Citicoline. Citicoline is a brain chemical that is naturally occurring throughout the body that helps to maintain focus and concentration and support healthy memory function*. BioAgile is the newest addition to the EDGE line and gives motor skills, problem solving, and comprehension a welcome boost*.

What are you waiting for, check out BioAgile today.

21 September 2016

Enzymes are absolutely necessary in order for us to break down certain particles in our bodies. The more abundant they are, the better we feel. When we make a habit of eating microwaved, canned or even cooked food, we bar ourselves from receiving the enzymes we need to function properly. Here’s our solution. Combining Wild Microalgae with a wide array of enzymes, New Earth’s Enzymes offers digestive and intestinal support to those who may lack the nutrients to provide it themselves.

Fast facts:

  • An enzyme is a chemical that helps a reaction take place faster than it would otherwise.
  • Enzymes are energized protein molecules, even the human body’s life force. Vitamins, minerals and hormones must have them to work properly.
  • Enzyme production decreases with age. Because our bodies produce less and less, digestion can be impaired as we get older. Supplementation is key.

Make things easier on your body by using Enzymes.

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