25 July 2017

What do you think of when you hear “network marketing” or “MLM.” Do you think of opportunity, hard work, and great rewards? Or do you think of pushy salespeople or pyramid scheme? Your answer will likely lie in your experiences and what you have heard from other people you trust.

If your answer is the latter, one thing you must know is that MLMs are not pyramid schemes. In fact, pyramid schemes are illegal. According to BBB, “Pyramid schemes concentrate mainly on making quick profits earned by selling the right to recruit others. Pyramid schemes focus more on recruiting other participants than selling the product or service, making little to no mention about the market for the item.” Legitimate MLMs, like New Earth, do not do this.

The network marketing or MLM business model is a beautiful thing. Very different from pyramid schemes, network marketing is a method of retailing in which products are sold by independent distributors, also known as independent associates. These independent distributors have the ability to build their own business and earn commissions on their personal sales along with their team’s sales by recruiting, training and supporting others along the way. You see, there is no way to achieve great success in network marketing without helping others achieve success.

This turnkey business model is available to anyone who wishes to take advantage of the opportunity. There are no “job” requirements or college degrees required. Anyone can join, and anyone can be successful with hard work, belief, and dedication.  

Over and over again MLMs are proving to be the future way to business, offering an alternative to the corporate model that many are growing tired of. Offering a number of benefits most could use in their life: personal development and growth, flexibility, freedom, meaningful relationships, fun and financial opportunity, you can see why many are turning to the network marketing business model.

Interested in giving it a try? Learn more about the New Earth Opportunity

5 July 2017

Upper Klamath Lake is the only place on earth where Aphanizomenon flosaquae (AFA) grows abundant enough to harvest. The wild proliferation of this amazing, nutrient-rich superfood, can only be attributed to the area’s unique climate and geological history, and the lake’s expansive surface area and shallow depth.

If not for the formation of Crater Lake more than 7000 years ago–the volcanic eruption of 12,000-foot-tall Mt. Mazama which left the entire Klamath Basin blanketed in tons of pyroclastic nutrients–the massive annual blooms of AFA may not have been possible. Without the 500 inches of snow that fall each year at Crater Lake and the nearly 300 days of sunshine gracing the high desert of South-central Oregon annually, a scenario by which this natural bounty of algae has flourished may have never occurred.

Crater Lake, Oregon’s only National Park, is a huge draw for Klamath County. While people are in the area visiting the park–to the tune of 500,000 a year–they take time out to visit some of the other destinations Klamath Basin has to offer.

Discovered and rediscovered by accident in the mid-1800s after several groups of hunters, explorers, and prospectors wandered upon the lake, Crater Lake’s history amongst indigenous groups goes back thousands of years.

Ancient tools of Native Americans have been discovered under the volcanic ash from Mt. Mazama’s eruption and elders of the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin tribes still pass down stories of the geologic event which literally and figuratively helped shape the land and the history of this area of Oregon.

If you’re interested in visiting the Klamath Basin and learning more about the incredible ecosystem in southern Oregon register for New Earth University, Klamath Falls. Find out more about our next event at events.newearth.com.

14 June 2017

Have you registered for New Earth University yet? This summer, we invite you to join us in southern Oregon to celebrate our annual harvest of Wild Microalgae.

NEU will be hosted August 11-13 in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and will include training sessions that will provide you with real techniques to meet your business goals with New Earth. Attendees will hear from key leaders in the field and experts in the industry as they share next steps for maximum growth with your home based business. Speakers will also share the many benefits of using our products and the research and science that have guided New Earth.

Over the weekend we’ll also host the Executive Round Table Lunch, an exclusive Q&A hosted by New Earth executive leaders CEO Bilal Ruknuddeen, President Jerry Anderson, and Vice President Kevin Larson. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask anything and have their questions answered on the spot. The chance to have your questions answered directly by corporate leaders doesn’t come very often, and NEU attendees are highly encouraged to take part in this exclusive opportunity.

On Sunday, we’ll take an Eco Tour of the Klamath Basin to share some of the most beautiful spots with our guests. This tour is a breathtaking opportunity for Associates and Customers alike to see the many places that have allowed Wild Microalgae to thrive in Upper Klamath Lake. We’ll also share a tour of the New Earth facilities so that attendees can see that processes that make our one-of-a-kind products possible.

Registration is filling up fast and will end soon, to reserve your seat, please visit events.newearth.com, we can’t wait to see you there.

12 May 2017


What’s the deal with processed foods anyway? We know that they are bad and that we should avoid them, but why exactly?

Frankly put, because they lack nutritional value.  To extend the shelf life of food a combination of salt, artificial sugars, and sweeteners, and various chemicals are added to many of the items on a grocery store shelf. These ingredients hinder the nutritional value of our food considerably and become far more harmful than helpful. Countless studies have shown that these manufactured ingredients lead to disease and discomfort—so what’s the solution?

Here are three tips to help you avoid processed foods and eat better:

  1. Read the label to see what is in your food.
  2. Avoid food that comes in packages; they are often heavily processed to extend shelf life.
  3. Shop local—buy your produce from local farmers and pick up items from your local bakery when you can, this is an excellent way to ensure that you are eating fresh.
25 April 2017

It’s our collective duty to promote New Earth in a way that protects our brand’s integrity and protects our business opportunity for all.

The overarching consideration is this—we want to attract people to New Earth by inviting them to experience the positive effects that our nutritionals can have on their body and health; we do not claim to cure or mitigate any medical conditions or disease states.

Why do we care?

Well, first things first. We chose the Direct Sales model because we believe in person to person contact and the deeper connectivity it creates with our customers because we feel that this is our best opportunity to change people’s lives for the better.

We care because we value honesty—we don’t need to hype our products, they really are that good! New Earth’s nutritional products will do the talking when people try them.
We care because we want to be here well into the future.

We care because the FTC, the FDA, the DSA, and other agencies are paying a lot of attention to companies in our industry. And in many cases rightly so. Companies who offer nothing but hype for their products and opportunity give our industry a bad name, and in many cases have a negative effect on people’s livelihood. These are not New Earth’s values.

We want to promote New Earth in a way that’s befitting of our brand and befitting of our product line. If we hold to these ideals, we can make sure that each person that comes into contact with us has a positive experience no matter their level of engagement.

What you can do:

  • Refer to our materials
  • Listen to your inner voice
  • Do your own research
  • Tell your story in a compliant way that reflects your experience with the effects that powerful nutrition can have in your life.

And be aware of misleading:

  • Disease claims
  • Income claims
  • Drug claims

Brand integrity involves you:
We don’t know exactly what our level of nutrition can do for people, but we love finding out!
We don’t want to keep people’s’ money who don’t find the value in what we have to offer.

By being cognizant of these things, you can ensure that we bring happy and healthy customers and business builders into the New Earth family for generations to come!