7 Cupboard Essentials To Stock Up On After Your Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and the urge to do a little cleaning after a long winter is real. It’s time to whip out those gloves and scrub brushes and get to work. One of the most important parts of your home to focus on as you clear the clutter is your pantry.

You will, of course, have to do the actual cleaning to get rid of any piled-up grime and dirt. However, there is so much more to spring cleaning than dusting and wiping. You could use this time as a chance to do a complete overhaul of the foods you keep on hand.

It can be a big project, we know. So where to start? Here is a quick checklist. 

Old or expired food

This should be the first thing to go. The last thing you want to do is to expose yourself to outdated food that could contain mold or toxins. 

In addition to getting rid of the old food, it’s important to take note of exactly what it is that you buy and end up never using. Not only will this save you money in the future, but it will help keep your pantry clean and decluttered. 

Chemical-based supplements

While we are on the topic of supplements, it’s a good time to toss any that contain synthetic ingredients and fillers. Supplements are designed to fill the gaps in your diet and nurture your body and synthetic ingredients and fillers have no place in that equation. 

Junk food

This one seems a bit obvious. We all know that we shouldn’t eat junk food but it ends up in the pantry from time to time. Go ahead and give yourself permission to toss out the junk food and replace it with healthier alternatives. 

Foods and ingredients from past diets

It’s completely normal to try out a few different diets until you land on one that works for you. With that, along the way you’re likely to collect a few ingredients specific to certain diets. If those ingredients or foods no longer fit your current meal plan go ahead and let them go. You could toss them out, give them to a friend or even donate them if they are unopened. 

After going through this exercise your pantry may look a little bare. That’s ok. The second step to this process is restocking with foods that provide your body with nourishment and satisfy your taste buds. Let’s have a look at seven of the essentials. 

7 Pantry Essentials For Your Spring Cleaning

  1. Whole grain products. Unless you are on a strict zero-carb diet, whole grain products are a pantry staple. Go ahead and stock up on foods like quinoa, oats, brown rice, and even whole grain wheat flour for your baking projects.
  2. Dried legumes. Legumes are another pantry staple that are a fantastic source of protein, minerals, and some vitamins. These include beans and lentils and are a fantastic alternative to meat whether or not you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet.
  3. Healthy spices and herbs. Part of healthy living as you reinvent yourself this spring is having meals that you actually enjoy. Spices and herbs are a good way to make things interesting. Just make sure to go for all-natural spices and herbs that add flavor without exposing you to unhealthy additives.
  4. Healthy snack alternatives. Instead of stocking up on chips and sweets, consider making the move to healthy snacks. These include essentials like nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. You could also shop around for healthy snack options with similar flavors and textures as your favorite guilty pleasures. This could mean getting kale chips or carrot sticks for the crunch factor or fruits for when you need your sweet tooth tickled.
  5. Natural food-based supplements. With today’s food system, almost every diet has nutrient gaps that need to be filled. That’s where high-quality food-based supplements come in. Why food-based? They typically contain nutrients your body can identify and utilize (as opposed to passing them through and urinating them out). 

    It takes a little time, but it’s very important to do a little research. This will help ensure your money is well spent and that your supplements are safe and nutrient-rich. 
  6. Healthy cooking oils. That’s right, cooking oil can be healthy. That is, if you choose the right ones. When it comes time to restock go with options like coconut oil, avocado oil, or olive oil (it’s nice to have all three on hand). 
  7. Blue-green microalgae superfood products. Superfoods are great to have on hand for adding to protein shakes, smoothies, juices, and more! Proceed with caution though because there are a lot of foods that claim to be “super” today. Most of the time, there’s nothing super about them. Rather, they are your standard health foods. That’s not the case for a rare form of edible blue-green microalgae.

    Organic Wild Microalgae, also known as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA) is loaded with essential fatty acids, amino acids, over 60 vitamins and minerals, and more. It’s actually considered a near-perfect food. And, it’s the perfect addition to a healthy pantry. 

    The best part? You can put AFA to the test personally and risk-free. How? It comes with a 90-day empty-bottle guarantee. In a nutshell, you can use it daily until your jar is empty (within 90-days of purchasing) and if you’re not satisfied you can send it back for a full product refund. There’s nothing to lose and health to gain. 

Happy Spring Cleaning

As you declutter the rest of your house this spring, don’t forget about your cupboards and pantry. It’s ok to let old food and foods that are not serving your health go. You’ll certainly notice the difference in both the way your cupboard looks and the way you feel when you replace the bad with the good and provide your body with whole food goodness paired with highly nutritious blue-green algae superfoods every day. 

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