A Better Way to Business

Supplements, skin care, jewelry, makeup, these are just a few of the categories you will find in the Direct Sales industry. The industry has been around for several decades with increased popularity and huge strides over the last ten years. The standard 9-5 (or more!) is losing popularity as the demand for flexibility increases. Men and women are fighting for a better balance between work and family, and Direct Selling offers just that and much more.

What exactly is Direct Selling?

Direct Selling is retailing products directly to the consumer. For example, rather than running to purchase your supplements from some megaseller online, you can purchase them directly from a New Earth Associate in person or online. It not only makes the purchasing process easier for the consumer but it allows anyone from anywhere to operate a successful home-based business.

Direct Selling is an industry that thrives on personal connection and building relationships, something we all need in this life. It’s about establishing a relationship between the Associate (salesperson) and customer rather than a one-off transaction.

Where does the money come in?

An Associate (Independent Contractor) has the opportunity to earn an income based on both their sales efforts and team building efforts. Every Direct Sales company has their own compensation plan that rewards the efforts of their Associates.

What are the other benefits?
Direct selling offers the opportunity to earn an income while building relationships and so much more.

Low Entry Cost: If you’re an entrepreneur you understand how expensive it is to open a business. With Direct Selling you can be up and running with everything you need for about 100-200 dollars.

Freedom: Those who participate in Direct Selling have the freedom to work from anywhere!

Flexibility: Its something most of us desire and few have. This industry allows the Associate to choose when they work and for how long. It all depends on the individual and their goals.

Growth: You choose your destiny. Grow fast or slow, big or small; it’s all up to you.

Personal Growth: Enjoy ongoing training on both a personal and business level. The path is laid out with all of the tools—you just have to take it and use your resources.

Friendship: This is the business of relationships. Those who take advantage of Direct Sales create friendships that last a lifetime.

Is it for you?
That’s your choice. Learn more about the New Earth opportunity and how it could have a positive impact on your life!