Algae: A Powerful Ingredient for Sustainable Supplements

Supplements are becoming increasingly popular! In 2019, supplement use in the United States reached an all-time high with over 77% of American adults having at least one supplement in their daily routine. Of course, there are a huge variety of different supplements that are available on the market today, and the vast majority of them are fantastic for supporting your overall health and wellness. 

With that being said, what a supplement has to offer isn’t the only thing we should be considering when deciding which supplements to add to our routine. In fact, there is a much larger question that also needs to be addressed: what kind of impact are these supplements having on this planet that we call home? 

With so many people consuming nutritional supplements now, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that the environment hasn’t always been a top priority in the supplement industry. However, with so many people choosing to take these products, we can’t ignore the fact that there are a number of aspects of supplement production and packaging that have the potential to harm the environment. 

Luckily for us, there are companies out there who strive to make high-quality products while also protecting the planet. One of the most effective ways for a company to do both is to commit to using ingredients that are known to be eco-friendly, and one of the best options out there for this is blue-green algae. 

About Blue-Green Algae

Before diving into the details of blue-green algae, let’s quickly review what algae is in general.  These amazing organisms can take a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors, but they all have a few things in common—they don’t have leaves, stems, or root systems and they tend to live in aquatic habitats. On top of that, algae can also use photosynthesis to turn sunlight into energy thanks to the presence of phytopigments like chlorophyll. 

It’s estimated that there are up to a million different species of algae that exist on our planet, and they are often categorized by color. Blue-green algae, as the name suggests, refers to the types of algae that take on a blue-green pigment thanks to the presence of chlorophyll (green) and phycocyanin (blue). This category of algae is also known for including a few strains that are not only edible but are also considered superfoods because of their impressive nutrient profiles. 

Benefits of Algae Supplements

Before we dig into the details about why blue-green algae is a sustainable and eco-friendly ingredient, let’s take a quick look at some of the many benefits it has to offer for your overall health and well-being. 

Antioxidant Effects

Many of the compounds found in blue-green algae, such as phycocyanin, beta-carotene, vitamins A, C, and E, and glutathione, are known to be powerful antioxidants. We all know that oxidative stress caused by free radicals can affect nearly every part of our body as we age, and antioxidants have the power to combat this by neutralizing free radicals. As a result, antioxidants can benefit nearly every aspect of your health, including supporting your immune system, encouraging healthy aging, promoting cognitive function, and protecting eye health.  

Chlorophyll For Energy and Detox

As a phytopigment, chlorophyll is the most well-known for both its role in photosynthesis as well as its health-supporting effects. Of particular note here is the fact that chlorophyll may have the ability to boost cellular energy and promote healthy detoxification by naturally supporting liver health.  

Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are essential nutrients for your body, especially for your heart.  This is because they have the ability to help slow plaque buildup, regulate blood pressure, and maintain healthy triglyceride levels within your body. They also help support brain health and cognitive function and protect your cells from being damaged.  

Vitamins and Minerals for Overall Health

Blue-green algae is also rich in nearly every vitamin and a vast majority of the minerals that your body needs to look and feel its best. 

Sustainability of Blue-Green Algae Supplements

Algae is often considered one of the most sustainable foods available today. In fact, these tiny organisms are often thought to be one of the world’s smallest heroes because they have the power to help us transform and take care of this beautiful planet. Not only does algae produce nearly 70% of the earth’s oxygen, but it can also be used as a fuel source, an air purifier, and as material that can be used as a sustainable alternative to plastic. On top of all of that, blue-green algae in particular is chock-full of nearly every nutrient our bodies need to survive, and it can often be cultivated quickly and sustainably, making it a wonderful food to help the human race continue to thrive. 

Although the algae itself helps contribute to the health of our planet as it grows in the wild, that’s not the only thing we need to keep in mind when it comes to looking for a sustainable supplement. After all, not all harvesting and processing practices are created equal because not all companies are concerned about protecting the planet. When it comes to using algae to produce beneficial, eco-friendly supplements, it’s important that the health of the environment is taken into account every step of the way. 

From harvesting and storing to bottling and shipping, every step of the supplement production process has the ability to impact the environment. That’s why, when you’re looking for a new blue-green algae supplement to add to your regimen, it’s important to learn as much as you can about the company’s values and production process. Here are some questions you may want to seek answers to when you are shopping for an algae supplement. 

  • Is the algae harvested in the most eco-friendly way possible?
  • Does the production facility use containers used from recycled materials and actively recycle boxes, paper, and other materials?
  • What steps are taken to ensure that the ecosystem that the algae grows in continues to be protected?
  • What other ingredients are used and how are those ingredients sourced? 
  • Does the product have earth-supporting certifications like non-GMO and certified Organic?
  • Are the bottles and shipping boxes made from recyclable material and/or recyclable themselves?    

New Earth’s Organic Wild Microalgae® Supplements

If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality, health-supporting, and sustainable supplement to incorporate into your daily routine, look no further than the organic Wild Microalgae supplements produced by New Earth

Out of all the types of blue-green algae out there, organic Wild Microalgae (also known as Aphanizomenon flos aquae or AFA) is arguably the most nutrient-dense and eco-friendly. It is loaded with all 20 standard amino acids, 13 vitamins, over 60 trace minerals, essential fatty acids, and a variety of antioxidant compounds. Plus, it’s 100% wild-harvested, which means it grows in abundance in the wild without any human intervention before being harvested in the most eco-friendly way possible. 

On top of that, protecting the environment is one of the top priorities of every team member at New Earth. That’s why we take a variety of steps throughout the harvesting and production process to make our products as sustainable as possible.

So if you’re on the hunt for a natural and sustainable supplement that is not only good for your health but also good for the environment, look no further than the organic Wild Microalgae products from New Earth. The best part is you can put any of them to the test risk-free with our 90-day money-back guarantee.   

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