One of the first organisms to ever exist was algae. Widely regarded as a gift to our planet, it helped transform earth’s methane-rich environment into an atmosphere filled with oxygen and new forms life.
At New Earth, we understand this well. It’s why algae are a key component in all we offer. Algae help make up the core of our very company.

Algae don’t just benefit our environment, though. In fact, when we make a daily habit of adding a wide variety of algae—both marine and freshwater—to our diet, we offer our body an incredible gift as well. For example, we’re allowing our digestive system to work more efficiently. We are significantly improving our cardiovascular health, even adding a multitude of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to our systems.

For the next two months, New Earth is offering our algae-centric product, Wild Water, at an introductory price. Combining nine algae from the lake and sea, it offers a daily proprietary blend of minerals and phytonutrients. Increase your metabolism and lessen oxidative stress with Wild Water. Discover why algae have been so important for so many years.

There’s never been a better time to learn firsthand about the healing properties of algae.

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