Antiaging with the Power of Nature

‘Forever young’ it’s highly desirable and has been so for centuries, especially when it comes to the invaluable quality of health and wellness. Humans are always on the search for ways to look, feel, and even act younger for longer. We value being able to do the things we love without pain and aches, we value a little lack of responsibility every now and then, and we certainly value looking younger than we are, especially as we age. We want to live our lives ‘forever young’. 

When it comes to aging, many of these endeavors have centered around a youthful appearance. The problem is that aging is inevitable, and the goal of looking young as long as possible might be leading us to ignore the key to healthy aging. At New Earth, we have tackled this problem by looking at the process of aging from the inside out. We’ve found that if you feed your body with whole food ingredients that nourish the body throughout the process of aging, you will enjoy highly desired youthful benefits for longer! 

What happens as we age?

The natural process of aging in the body is the result of time and the lives we lead, which takes a toll on the body’s cells. You may think of getting older as the slow addition of wrinkles and gray hair, but aging also affects the teeth, heart, and brain. There are many common signs of aging; let’s go over a few to better understand how time affects us.

  • Memory and Thinking Skills- The brain undergoes changes as we get older that can have a range of effects on memory and thinking skills. These changes may present themselves in the form of forgetfulness or the inability to multitask.
  • Eyes and Ears- With age, it is common for people to experience the diminished ability to hear high frequencies or find it more challenging to follow a conversation. Eyes can also become more sensitive to light, making it more difficult to adapt to different levels of light.  
  • Weight Changes- The body’s method of burning calories, also known as metabolism,  tends to slow down as we age. What does this mean? If daily activity decreases and the same diet is consumed weight gain is likely to occur. Maintaining a healthy diet and staying active at any age is a great way to maintain a healthy weight. 
  • Bones, Joints, and Muscles- Age can cause bones to shrink in size and density, which weakens them and makes us more susceptible to injury. These changes can affect coordination, balance, and stability. 

Although these are all natural effects of age, it is a great idea to stay active, eat healthy, avoid harmful habits, and supplement your body with natural foods to promote good health at every age. With these strategies, we ensure that our body’s building blocks, called cells, stay stronger for longer and continue to build a healthy body that feels and looks good for life! 

Cells have a specific job in the body, to maintain the processes of their respective organisms. With that being said, there is a particular type of cell that can aid any part of the body, depending on the body’s need.  

These cells are called stem cells.

Stem cells are considered the regenerative building blocks of life due to their restorative power in the body. These cells act as the crucial backup system for the body to replace damaged tissue or worn-out cells. 

Because of stem cells’ unique ability to differentiate into a range of different cells, they are the key to healthy aging. The thing is, the body only has a set amount of stem cells from the time we are born, so nourishing these cells is the best way to prevent the effects of aging. Keeping your stem cells healthy also encourages them to repair themselves and maintain an efficient production cycle throughout life. 

How can we nourish stem cells? 

Eating well and maintaining an active lifestyle is a great way to feel better for longer, but the challenge of nourishing these specific cells is best left to the science of superfoods. That’s why we created Renew—a supplement with powerful, natural ingredients proven to safely and naturally increase adult stem cell production up to 70%!**

Renew contains potent botanicals that are already proven to feed your body with ingredients that help maintain a healthy lifestyle.* What makes it unique is the synergistic blend of proven stem cell nourishing ingredients. Not only does Renew contain ingredients that promote better health, but it also enhances your body’s natural repair system. Although your body will naturally produce and regenerate stem cells on its own, Renew’s blend of ingredients is proven to increase stem cell production more significantly than what occurs through the use of the ingredients individually.

What are these powerful ingredients? Renew is infused with green tea extract, wild blueberry, wild blueberry extract, vitamin D3, carnosine, and organic Wild Microalgae® extract. The result is a product that delivers a powerful boost to your stem cells.

Renew is the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle and long-lasting wellness that you can feel. This product is unique to the supplement industry, and New Earth customers have loved the way it works! 

“I had been unable to work and live as I wanted. I had a very limited ability to sit and work at my desk; I was not mentally sharp, and found myself without the energy to finish many tasks in my business. I was able to work for a total of only two hours a day. A month after starting Renew, I can now work at my desk for several hours— four to six—a day. I am finishing tasks as they come up, instead of finding that I forget what I am doing and cannot concentrate. Most important to me, I feel MYSELF again.” — Barbara S. Oregon

“My energy was low, and I was not happy about it one little bit! I took Renew for the very first time and I was able to get outside and go for a hike within a few hours of trying Renew. Before that, I hadn’t felt that I could handle the hike! ‘Wow!’ quite accurately describes my intellectual and emotional state on that day. In fact, ‘Wow’ still describes it weeks after my first Renew experience! Thank you, New Earth!” — Stuart M., D.C, California

With Renew, you can challenge the natural process of aging while supplementing your body with a synergistic blend of natural ingredients.  

Try Renew new risk-free with our 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

At New Earth we are on a mission to positively impact the health of every body and soul we come in contact with. We specialize in producing third-party certified, organic whole food supplements including a variety of probiotics, and digestive support. Our supplements feature a rare, yet highly, nutritious superfood, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). Also known as organic Wild Microalgae®, AFA is a unique type of blue-green algae that is available in many forms including algae tablets, algae pills, and algae powders all designed to help you on your journey to holistic wellness. The best part? We offer a 90-day money-back risk-free guarantee on all of our products. Visit our website to learn more.  

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**This testing was done in vitro and the increases noted are for three different types of adult stem cells.