Are you interesting? Are you sure?

Hey direct sellers and network marketers! Are you tired of the same old networking routine? Y’know the one where you chit chat with strangers asking “what do you do?” or “how are you?”, collect a phone number or two and then call it a day? Yawn city! Meeting new people is a necessary, dare we say critical, part of your business but it can easily feel like a dreaded chore rather than an opportunity for success.

What if there was a way to elevate your prospecting game that yielded better results AND saved you the dread of another night of rehearsed answers to the same lame questions!? Would you be interested?

The secret sauce to a successful networking experience is to cut the small talk…no, really! Here are three crucial tips that will immediately attract others to you…yes, you!

Can you just stop with the boring Q’s – Being interesting isn’t about you. It’s about being interested in other people’s interesting lives. You don’t learn anything by asking boring and predictable questions that can unknowingly make the other person less interesting than he or she truly is. Ask questions that require the other person to give it some thought and share something unique about him/herself. Examples: How would you describe your personality type? Learning any new skills? What made #1 on your bucket list?

Inquiring minds want to know – Now that you’re asking great questions, be interested in their answer! Curious people often enjoy socializing more, have stronger connections and ultimately better relationships. Your curiosity will attract others to you more easily and will help those individuals to feel socially closer to you. Being interested is much more important than being interesting.

Be a good great listener! – Now that the convo is flowing, listen (and give the spotlight to others!) Since people love to talk about themselves, especially if it’s something that really interests them, be the one who lets the other person talk. By saying less, listening intently, and allowing the other person to have his/her moment to shine, you will make an excellent impression. Here’s why, people who are liked the most, ironically enough, are the ones who often say the least.

By taking the initiative and making the conversation about the other person, this selfless act of shining the spotlight on someone else first gives you the edge—making you the more interesting person in the room. Now, between the old you and the new you, who do you think will establish better relationships thus get the better leads?

Look, network marketing and direct selling are a belly to belly business, making the quality of your relationships a key indicator of success. Next time you’re in a room full of potential business partners and teammates, take charge and really be the most interesting person in the room!

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