Associate Feature Stuart Martin D.C.

“I actually said no to this product at first.” That’s how my conversation with Stuart Martin D.C. started. 

Stuart’s story dates back to 1991 when he began participating in business training courses. It was through those courses that he was introduced to what is now New Earth and organic Wild Microalgae® in a roundabout way. “I had been participating in these courses for several years and ended up attending the same course as an algae fanatic, this guy was crazy about the algae,” Stuart said. “He was always asking me if I was ready to give it a try and honestly at that point in my life I wasn’t so I went ahead and passed on the opportunity,” Stuart added.

Stuart went on with his life and through his chiropractic clinicals was introduced to the algae once again by one of his patients. “It was 1994 and I was in my final year of chiropractic school. A patient I was working with reintroduced me to the algae and I decided to give it a try,” Stuart said. “I placed a couple of orders and once again went on with my life,” he added. 

In this story, the third time really is a charm. Stuart was completing his chiropractic clinicals and preparing for his board exams. It’s safe to say the pressure and stress levels were high and to top it off he was facing some health challenges as well. “I just felt weak and my body and immune system were fatigued. I was really concerned that I wouldn’t be able to complete chiropractic school,” Stuart said. He went on to say, “It was at this point that I remembered the algae and gave the algae fanatic from the business class a call to place an order.” 

From there, the rest is history. “I completed my clinical experience with flying colors, my energy returned, and my immune system was strong,” Stuart said. “At that point, I knew two things to be true: I would always be consuming the algae and I knew I would be offering these products to my clients as well,” He added. 

Stuart went ahead and joined that algae fanatic to become a Wellness Entrepreneur with New Earth. “Our products are not like any others that doctors in my industry offer. As a matter of fact, there are two major brands most chiropractors offer. There are two problems with that for me: the market is flooded with the same products and I won’t offer anything in my practice that I don’t take myself,” Stuart said. 

The difference New Earth products made in Stuart’s life paired with the education he received from the company and industry experts made his choice of offering New Earth nutraceuticals an easy decision. “I had personally felt the difference these products made in my life. And, I knew that I would be providing a unique product that offers true transformation when it comes to wellness,” Stuart said. He went on to add, “I was learning extensively about micronutrients, probiotics, and enzymes which are all so powerful in our bodies. What’s more, I had the opportunity to learn directly from experts and was learning a great deal.” 

To this day, Stuart is glad he made the decision to become not only a Wellness Entrepreneur but also a faithful algae consumer so many years ago. “Algae is a daily practice for me. It’s what keeps me going and filled with energy when I’m working until 10 pm or even midnight,” Stuart said. He went on to add, “My choice years ago to make New Earth the centerpiece of what I offer nutritionally in my practice continues to pay dividends to this day. It’s been a solution for both health and income and I’m grateful for that.” 

As far as Stuart is concerned, the New Earth Wellness Entrepreneur opportunity is one that can produce reliable income, especially in Stuart’s case. “I have some very reliable income from my New Earth business and most of it comes from my consumer base. But that’s not the best part as far as I am concerned,” he said. “I have consistently consumed these products for 25 years and I consume several of these products every day. I count on them for my energy. Here’s the best part, every month every single product I purchase is free of charge because it’s paid for by my New Earth business income,” he added.* 

“It’s nice to have a healthy habit that is totally paid for by my New Earth business.”

New Earth offers much more than an avenue to improve your health and generate income. It also offers community and connection and for Wellness Entrepreneurs like Stuart, it’s one of the best perks. “I enjoy the connection I have with the home team and the relationships I share with my team of Wellness Entrepreneurs,” Stuart said. He went on to add, “There’s just something about being a part of a community and developing lasting relationships with people who dedicate a part of their life to helping others.”

Stuart, thank you for being an important part of this community and living the mission of helping others day in and out!

*Each person has an individual experience with New Earth. Success in working the New Earth business is based on your particular efforts. New Earth’s products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.