Become a Wellness Entrepreneur

Health coach, personal trainer, yoga teacher, massage therapist…Wellness Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. And, in today’s world we need all of them. There is no single path or blueprint to wellness. Every body and person is different, making their needs, strengths and weaknesses different. That’s where the modern day Wellness Entrepreneur steps in helping their clients with specific needs and moving them closer to total wellness and a better life.

The ever growing health and wellness industry is absolutely massive. It’s a trillion dollar industry that continues to gain interest and popularity. The desire for great health is no trend. People all over the world are jumping on the wellness train and gaining interest in organics, natural products, fitness, nutrition and more!

Simply put, people want to feel and look their best and they are more than willing to invest in their wellness. They are moving away from fake foods and harmful ingredients and towards organic and natural foods, alternative medicine, wholefood supplements and services that help them create their best life. They are taking the necessary steps to create vitality and longevity.

So, where do you fit into this wellness revolution? It all depends on your skill set, interests and desired lifestyle. Let’s look at what that may look like…

You currently work a “9 to 5” but you desire more in life. You want your work to be meaningful, you enjoy helping people and you are motivated. So you take a leap of faith in yourself and go for it. You start your own wellness-based business. At first it’s your side hustle and eventually it becomes your full time career.

After a while your day may look like this…

You start each day with a focus on your wellbeing, moving your body, hydrating, and supplying your body with wholefood goodness. Today you are working from the comfort of your home but tomorrow you are working from the Oregon coast because your work goes where you go. You move along in your day helping your clients achieve optimal nutrition through real food supplements. You spend some time with your team–coaching them, educating them, and helping them grow their business. And finally, you finish the day working on yourself and your personal development. When it comes down to it, you are in the business of helping others.

Sounds pretty great, right? With a leap of faith in yourself, daily hard work, and action, you can create the life illustrated above. You can become a Wellness Entrepreneur. And, it doesn’t require a college degree or special education. You can begin right where you are today and learn along the way, all while earning an income.

All you have to do is decide what you want and put in the necessary work to get there.

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