Charlotte Carreira Wellness Entrepreneur—It’s a Story That Dates Back 26 Years

“It’s like a light dimmer switch…when I consume New Earth products everything gets brighter like the dimmer switch has been turned up.” That’s how my conversation with New Earth Wellness Entrepreneur and long time organic Wild Microalgae® consumer, Charlotte Carreira, started.  

26 years ago Charlotte made a decision that to this day, has had a tremendous impact on her life. She decided to make organic Wild Microalgae a part of her life and build a business around it. It was a well-trusted friend and life circumstances that led her to this life-changing decision. “I was going through a health crisis and following a very strict protocol for diet and lifestyle changes. Through this process, I made the choice to eliminate all of my supplements. I knew my body needed a break and that the right solution would present itself,” Charlotte said. She went on to add, “Two weeks later, my Chiropractor friend recommended some products she had seen work for many of her clients helping to revive energy, focus, and strength. At that point, my inner voice said yes, this is what you have been waiting for.”

To this day Charlotte relies on a variety of New Earth products to support her health and wellness needs. You could say she has it down to a science and knows exactly when to utilize each product to maximize results. “I use almost all of New Earth’s products. I have a select group that are my core products and I use those on a daily basis. The rest I keep on hand and rotate through depending on my personal activity, workload, and season,” Charlotte said. “I simply know that they are essential fuel that my body needs and I innately know it’s good for my body,” she added. 

26 years is a very long time to be committed to one brand or product, it’s one of the highest compliments a company can receive and it speaks volumes for the integrity of a product. When asked why she has consumed these products for so long Charlotte answered, “I notice a difference when I take them. It’s like someone has turned up the dimmer switch.” She went on to add “I feel energized, focused, motivated, physically strong and responsive in my daily life. I am physically active and run a variety of businesses that require me to be my best every single day.”

Charlotte is an incredible woman who has committed her life to health and wellness. She allows her passion and skills to drive her and help others on their journey to better health. Not only is Charlotte a New Earth Wellness Entrepreneur, but she is a health and fitness coach as well. As she shared her endeavors and passions she went on to say,  “My passion is sharing all aspects of natural, organic health and New Earth as a company and their products are pure, simple, close to the Earth, and a gift from Mother Nature—something I absolutely align with. We match with respect to believing that the body inherently knows how to heal and strengthen itself, given the proper nutrients and lifestyle elements.”

Charlotte continued to share her experience as a New Earth Wellness Entrepreneur highlighting the freedoms it has allowed in her life. It was actually the freedom that helped drive her to make the decision to become a New Earth Wellness Entrepreneur. “I am independent at heart. I believe that I have been energetically and divinely supported with New Earth as the vehicle to meet my calling to serve others.” She went on to illustrate her lifestyle saying, “This opportunity has allowed me to create my work from home and harness my independent spirit.  I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to create my own success on my time and engage with a community of like-minded people I have met over the years.”

As a seasoned Wellness Entrepreneur, she even had a little advice for those who are considering embarking on their own journey and becoming a Wellness Entrepreneur. “Today, it’s best to create alternative forms of income. It keeps you in control of your options should your ‘regular job’ suddenly go away. Through this opportunity, you’ll learn to count on yourself and develop lifelong skills that will allow you to build success and help others at the same time.” She went on to say, “Being your own boss and being an entrepreneur requires consistency and focus. Fortunately, the New Earth opportunity comes with incredible corporate support so you are never in this alone.” 

And, we certainly agree. 

As we wrapped up our conversation we continued to talk about her goals and aspirations moving forward. What was once about her wellness journey has morphed into something more. “My goal is to create a source of income that is a legacy for my kids. I want to create a solid foundation of residual income that is due to the level of assistance I create for others – either in taking the products and becoming healthier or creating a business of their own. 

Charlotte, the corporate team is here to support you and help you accomplish your goals! New Earth is on a mission to have a positive impact on the health of every body and soul we come in contact with. We specialize in producing third-party certified, organic whole food supplements that feature a rare, yet highly, nutritious superfood, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). Also known as organic Wild Microalgae®. That’s not where it stops, though. We have provided thousands of self-starting individuals the opportunity to become Wellness Entrepreneurs and generate income on their own terms for decades.