Daily Habits To Stay Grounded This Fall

Fall is almost upon us! The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder, and before you know it, the leaves will be changing color. With the change of the seasons, there is a lot to look forward to like beautiful scenery, hot apple cider, and the festivities of the quickly approaching holiday season. 

While fall is a highly anticipated season for many people, there are others out there who may not be as excited. After all, for some people, the arrival of fall comes with seasonal mood changes, a busier schedule, and possibly even feelings of anxiety. If you are one of the people facing these seasonal obstacles, rest assured that you are not alone. In fact, so many people feel this way each autumn that it has even been given a name – autumn anxiety.  

If you find yourself feeling more anxious than usual as the end of summer draws near, it may be beneficial to find a few new daily routines to help you stay mentally and emotionally grounded. 

What Does It Mean To Stay Grounded?

In essence, staying grounded means that even in the midst of uncertainty, you are able to stay calm and remain connected to the core of who you are. It’s about being able to trust yourself and control your emotions so you aren’t swayed by every new issue that crosses your path. You are continually connected and committed to your vision, values, and purpose, and you are able to keep your mind in the present so you will be ready to take on new challenges that come your way. 

Daily Habits To Help You Stay Grounded

This all sounds great, right? But for many people, it may be easier said than done. Especially if you are already in a frustrated or anxious state of mind. Thankfully, there are daily habits you can embrace to keep yourself grounded. Let’s take a look at a few. 


It’s been used for centuries, and that’s because it works. There are different styles of meditation, but it generally boils down to taking a moment to stay still, breathe and clear your mind. A 10-minute meditation session every morning is a great way to put yourself in the right mindset for the day.  

Take Deep Breaths

We know you’ve heard it before, but there’s a reason deep breathing is recommended to help with so many things. First, it’s simple, which means anyone can do it. Second, it helps your body lower adrenaline levels and promotes relaxation. 

So when you find yourself frustrated, anxious, or otherwise upset throughout the day, use some deep breathing to help yourself stay grounded. Focus on taking slow and controlled breaths that come from your diaphragm or torso. If you need a little more guidance, techniques like  4-7-8 breathing can be used. Here’s how to do 4-7-8 breathing: 

  1. Breathe in for 4 seconds;
  2. Hold your breath for 7 seconds;
  3. Exhale for 8 seconds

Turn Off The News

A study published by the British Journal of Psychology showed both anxious and sad moods increased after watching only 14 minutes of television news programs. This goes to show that keeping your mind fixated all day on newsworthy events isn’t good for your anxiety levels, and it can hamper your productivity. 

That being said, you don’t have to get rid of all news, as staying informed on what is happening around you is still important. However, there is no reason to be looking at news updates every 30 minutes. Going about your daily activities normally and just catching the prime-time news for a summary will suffice. 

Ease Off Social Media

The more time you spend browsing through social sites, the more you expose yourself to a cocktail of stressful information. From trends that clash with your fundamental beliefs, heated debates that pull you in, and so much more – none of which is good for your mental health. It’s worse when it’s the first thing you see every morning when you grab your phone or the last thing you read before bed. Social media has an important role in the modern world, but to remain grounded it’s vital to control just how much content you’re consuming from it.   

Connect with Mother Nature

Ground yourself, literally. You have a natural stress-reliever under your feet. The simple act of taking a walk through the fields or sand, standing still in the open air to enjoy the breeze, or feeling the grass under your toes can invigorate your mind and calm your soul. Simply switching up your position at the office and putting your desk near a window, where you get more sunlight and have a view of the outdoors, will give you a more positive working environment.  

Nourish Your Mind with Nootropics

Just like any other organ in the body, your brain needs proper nourishment to function properly. That’s where nootropics come in. Nootropics are supplements that are believed to help improve cognitive function, which ultimately will help with things like thought analysis and managing moods and emotional health. Generally, nootropic supplements are derived from natural sources and may include ingredients like fish oil, green tea, wild mushrooms, and superfoods like organic Wild Microalgae®

What is organic Wild Microalgae? It’s a rare form of blue-green algae that comes with an impressive nutritional profile that contains essential fatty acids, 13 different vitamins, over 60 trace minerals, all 20 standard amino acids, antioxidants, and the mood-boosting compound phenylethylamine (PEA). With a nutritional profile like that, it really is the best superfood to nourish your mind and help your stay grounded. 

Keep Your Mind Grounded

Taking care of your mind and keeping yourself grounded can help you better adapt to whatever changes may come with the new season, and Mind is here to help. This powerful and exclusive nootropic contains the heart of organic Wild Microalgae, making it easier than ever to provide your mind with the support it needs this fall. 

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