Designing Your Life with New Earth

There is something about the New Year that inspires us to evaluate our life, our health, and our wealth and set resolutions for improvement. Personal change is essential and there’s never a better time to turn to a new blank page than during the New Year. As we often say: A new year, a new you.

While defining what you want your life to look like by the end of 2019 may be simple, determining the path and vehicle to get there typically isn’t. In fact, statistics tell us that about 45% of Americans will make resolutions this New Year and only 8% will actually achieve their goals.

The question is, how will you increase your odds of achieving your resolutions and being a part of that 8%?

At New Earth, we believe the first part of the answer is defining your “why” and keeping that “why” close to you. For example, if your goal is to increase your income by $10,000 in 2019, determine why you want to do that. Maybe it will help with a down payment for a new home or help with college tuition. Whatever it is, determine your why and hold on to that reason and the emotions that are driving you.

Once you have defined your goals and linked them to your “why” the second part is determining the appropriate vehicle to get there. If your 2019 resolutions are related to health and wellness or financials, Direct Selling with New Earth might be the right vehicle for you.

At New Earth, it is our mission to create positive, lasting change. Simply put, we are here to improve lives through a combination of wellness and entrepreneurship.

We are a community of wellness entrepreneurs integrally involved in helping others to improve their health and wealth – both factors that dramatically enhance the overall quality of life. We change lives by promoting healthy living, teaching and showing others what it means to really LIVE while improving the quality of their lives through nutrition, and making a good living while doing it. We accomplish all of this by simply embracing the New Earth Lifestyle.

If improving your health and wellness, while helping others to do the same, and being rewarded financially fit into your resolutions, welcome home! We invite you to join us on our mission in 2019.