Dig Into The Health Benefits Of Pumpkins

We are officially in pumpkin season! Everywhere you look you can find pumpkin decorations, pumpkin spice drinks, pumpkin pie, and so many more pumpkin-related items.

But have you ever stopped to wonder why pumpkin is so popular this time of year? Yes, their flavor mixes perfectly with our favorite fall treats and they make for fun Halloween decorations, but there is more to it than that. The autumn months are also the best time to harvest pumpkins, which have a lot of benefits to offer your body. 

The Health Benefits Of Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a nutrient-rich food, which means that they are packed with several different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can put some pep in your step when it comes to your overall health.  

Pumpkins consist of about 94% water, which makes them great for helping you stay hydrated. Plus, a single cup of pumpkin only has about 50 calories, which makes them a great addition to your meal plan no matter what kind of diet you are following. On top of that, some of the other components they contain offer a number of different benefits for your health. Let’s look at a few. 

They Are Rich In Fiber 
Dietary fiber is made up of parts of the plant that your body cannot digest, and while this may make it sound like it doesn’t have much to offer your body, that couldn’t be further from the truth. For starters, including high-fiber foods in your diet is great for your gut health. Not only does fiber promote regular bowel movements, but it also serves as a prebiotic to feed all the beneficial bacteria in your gut microbiome

In addition to promoting a healthy digestive system, dietary fiber is also great for keeping your heart healthy by assisting with the regulation of things like cholesterol, glucose levels, and blood pressure. Plus, foods that are higher in fiber tend to be more filling and have fewer calories, which makes them great for helping you maintain a healthy weight.  

With 3 grams of fiber per cup, pumpkin is an easy and delicious way to add more fiber to your diet.  

They Are Rich In Potassium
You may not give much thought to how much potassium you are getting from your diet, but not getting enough of this important mineral can impact your health, especially when it comes to your energy levels, reflexes, and muscle strength. By making sure you are getting enough potassium, you can help yourself feel alert, refreshed, and strong enough to carry on with all your daily activities. 

While many people know that bananas are one of the most potassium-rich foods out there, pumpkins are a close second with 564 mg of this important mineral per cup.  

They Are Rich In Antioxidants
Your skin, eyes, brain, and every other organ in your body rely on compounds known as antioxidants to help keep free radicals at bay so they don’t cause damage to your cells. Pumpkin is naturally rich in the antioxidant known as beta-carotene. This potent antioxidant can benefit your whole body but is especially helpful when it comes to keeping your eyes, skin, and immune system healthy. 

In addition to beta-carotene, pumpkins also contain vitamins A, C, and E which are all known for their antioxidant properties. In fact, a single cup of cooked pumpkin contains 12 mg of vitamin C, 3 mg of vitamin E, and 2,652 IUs of vitamin A.   

They Are Rich In Immune-Boosting Nutrients
Just like every other system in your body, your immune system relies on key nutrients in order to perform at optimal capacity, and many of these nutrients can be found in pumpkins. All of the antioxidants we just discussed are great for supporting your immune system, but those aren’t the only immune-boosting nutrients that pumpkins contain. They are also rich in copper, manganese, vitamin B2, iron, and zinc, which are all nutrients that your immune system needs in order to be fully equipped to do its job. 

Their Seeds Are Rich in Tryptophan 
Your brain is arguably one of the most important organs in your body, and it needs to be nourished with nutrients like amino acids in order to stay healthy. Pumpkin seeds are particularly rich in the amino acid called tryptophan, which your body is able to convert into the ‘feel-good’ hormone serotonin. Because of this, consuming foods rich in tryptophan has been shown to have direct effects on sleep, mood, and overall brain health. With 0.6 grams of tryptophan per cup, you definitely don’t want to toss out those pumpkin seeds you collect while carving your jack-o-lanterns or baking a delicious pumpkin pie. 

Ways To Enjoy Pumpkins

With so many benefits for your health, adding some pumpkin into your meal rotation this autumn is a no-brainer. With that in mind, here are five of our favorite ways to enjoy this delicious fall fruit. 

1. Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
No, you don’t have to throw out all those seeds when you are preparing your pumpkins this year because there are plenty of ways you can add them to your meals. For example, you can toss your favorite seasonings on them and roast them in the oven for a healthy fall snack, or you can add them to your favorite granola mix to give it a nutritional boost. 

2. Pumpkin Seed Dip
If you’re not a fan of roasted pumpkin seeds, you can also grind them up and mix them with some olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic to make a simple and healthy pumpkin seed dip. For an extra nutritional punch and a bit of holiday flare, you can always add some Wild Algae Blend to your pumpkin seed dip, which will not only boost the nutritional content but also turn it a festive shade of green that is perfect for both Halloween and Christmas. 

3. Pumpkin Soup
Soup is the perfect meal for these colder months. It is not only healthy and nutritious, but it also helps warm you up on a chilly day. Blending fresh pumpkin into a puree and using it to create a warm autumn soup is a wonderful way to use this nutritious fall fruit. 

4. Pumpkin Popsicles
If you live in a warmer climate or just prefer a cold treat over a warm bowl of soup, then instead of homemade pumpkin soup consider making your own pumpkin popsicles. By adding some banana and a few spices to some pumpkin puree, you can easily make your own pumpkin spice popsicles to either enjoy now or save for when the weather heats up. Of course, you can always add a bit of Wild Algae Blend to your popsicle mix to give it an extra nutritional boost

5. Pumpkin Pastries
There is no doubt that the best way to enjoy pumpkins during the holiday season is with sweet treats. Whether you prefer the traditional pumpkin pie or want to try your hand at making something new like pumpkin fudge or pumpkin cheesecake bars, there is no shortage of delicious ways to enjoy this nutrient-rich fruit. 

Add Some Pumpkin Spice To Your Life

Spice up your life and enjoy all the health benefits that pumpkins have to offer. As you enjoy all that the autumn months have to offer, find new and creative ways to take your health to the next level by adding pumpkin to your meal rotation. Trust us, your body will thank you for it. 

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