Digestive Enzymes for a Truly Happy Holiday Season

The Holiday season tends to be synonymous with indulgence. It can be difficult to avoid having at least one food coma with things like Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas roasts, and New Year’s parties. While it is fun to partake with our loved ones, the post indulgence upset tummy is enough to ruin all the good vibes.

The truth is that it can be very difficult to eat healthy and watch your portions during the holidays. It could have something to do with the tempting seasonal cuisine that is loaded with roasted turkeys, stuffing, desserts, and more. 

So what does this mean? Are you supposed to choose between indulging a little over the holidays and having a calm stomach? Well, the answer is no. You can actually have your cake and eat it too.

How? Let’s talk strategy. 

How to Eat Without Digestive Consequences over the Holidays

To be clear, when we say consequences, we are not talking about things like your weight goals and health journey. While these can certainly be impacted by a lack of balance and moderation, one evening of indulging isn’t going to do a whole lot of damage. Rather, we are talking about the more immediate consequences like gas, food comas, and upset tummies. 

So, how exactly do we indulge a little without the consequences? Here are a few tips that will come in handy as you hit those holiday spreads.

  • Watch your portions. Portion control is everything when it comes to saving yourself the trouble of dealing with abdominal discomfort after a holiday celebration. Just because the pie is in front of you doesn’t mean you need to eat several pieces. Rather, enjoy your treats and rich foods in small portions. This allows you to enjoy all the food without having to pay the next day.
  • Slow down. It has been shown that eating too fast is one of the main causes of abdominal discomfort after meals. And, with all that good food around you, it can be a little difficult to pace yourself. Be conscious of the urge to eat quickly. Rather, savor your food, chew it slowly, enjoy the complex flavors, and take advantage of the company that surrounds you. 
  • Utilize digestive enzyme supplements. We probably should have put this at the top of the list because digestive enzymes are simply a must during the holiday season. 

    These mighty enzymes are responsible for facilitating digestion from the mouth all the way to the intestines and occur naturally in the body. However, most of us simply don’t have enough to handle the types of foods we expect our bodies to process during the holiday season. And, when we don’t have adequate enzymes to help breakdown and assimilate the food we consume we can experience digestive discomfort. 

    That’s where supplementing comes in. With Enzymes from New Earth, it’s as easy as one capsule before, with, or after a meal to help support a happy and healthy belly. 
  • Fill up on greens. While it is tempting to go straight to dessert it’s important to get the good stuff in as well. A simple strategy is to load up on greens and other veggies first. This will ensure you are nourishing your body and will help with portion control when it comes time to indulge a little. Remember, all of those tasty candies and savory meats can be very taxing on the digestive system.
  • Avoid overdoing trigger foods. Indigestion and food comas are not triggered by just any food. There are very specific culprits including meat, candy, alcohol, and fizzy drinks which even in moderate amounts could cause you discomfort. Spare yourself the trouble and avoid or at the very least reduce the amount of these trigger treats and foods that you consume.
  • Support your gut health with probiotics. While nurturing and supporting your gut is important all year long it can save you quite a bit of discomfort around the holidays. This is where a quality probiotic comes in. Probiotics seed your gut with good bacteria and help maintain the balance of your very important gut microbiome. Which in turn, keeps your gut happy and healthy allowing you to properly digest and utilize the food you consume. 

Happy Holidays with Enzymes

Yes, we provided you with several strategies to keep you feeling at the top of your game this holiday season even with a little indulging. If you implement just one suggestion make it the addition of Enzymes. 

When it comes time to shop, remember, not all enzymes are created equal. During a season when you know you will be putting more stress than usual on your digestive system, you want to feel confident that your enzymes supplements are helping to relieve some of that stress. After all, your tummy will thank you. 

With that, look no further than Enzymes from New Earth. These are not like any other option on the market. This blend of fifteen different natural, plant-based food enzymes are microblended with organic Wild Microalgae. Why does this matter? Well, the microalgae actually supplies the enzymes with specific vitamins, minerals, and other cofactors, that help the body break down and assimilate a complete range of nutrients from your food. In other words, it makes them even more powerful. 

The best part? You can put them to the test over the holiday season risk-free with our 90-day empty bottle guarantee. 

New Earth is on a mission to have a positive impact on the health of everybody and soul we come in contact with. We specialize in producing third-party certified, organic whole food supplements that feature a rare, yet highly, nutritious superfood, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). Also known as organic Wild Microalgae, AFA is a unique type of blue-green algae that is available in many forms including algae tablets, algae pills, and algae powders all designed to help you on your journey to holistic wellness. Visit our website for more information on our products and business opportunities, and make 2020 a year of exciting growth!