Feature Story: Susie Richardson

In 1987, five short years after the company’s birth, as she was just about to turn 30 years of age, Susie Richardson became an algae eater. And, at that moment, she knew it was right…

Now, surely you are expecting an extravagant story of hustling hard, making sacrifices and grinding to reach the highest heights, but that’s not where we are headed. Rather, we are talking about a perfect fit and natural evolution, that through consistency, led to great achievement that still prevails today. 

At first, Susie wasn’t a business builder, nor did she want to be. When she was talking about “knowing it was right” and “being the perfect fit”, she was simply speaking about the algae, a product that had such a profound impact on her life, she did what we all do when we love something: she shared it with her friends. “You know when something hits you right and you are in the right place…you are thinking, ‘everything I have done has led me to this, I know this is where I was meant to be’…well that’s what it was like when I started taking the algae,” Susie said. 

Soon after, Susie started receiving checks from the company. It turned out that those friends she shared the algae with went straight to the company to place their order, and that’s not where they stopped. They wanted more, they were interested in the business. Then some strange things started to happen…Susie went on to say, “I received a check from the company for like $9.00 and thought my credit card had been overcharged. So I shrugged it off and went about my business. Then the checks kept coming and they kept getting bigger. So I called the guy who set me up with my account and I asked what was going on. He said ‘well you are doing the business.’ I said, ‘no I am not…I just told a few people.’ He said, ‘that is the business.’ ” 

As life happened, Susie moved out to New Hampshire and took some time away from the business, but that was a short stint. Soon after, she moved back to Boston and was ready to recommit and focus. And, guess what? It was only up from there… “straight to the top” as Susie would say. 

As a registered dietitian with special training in acupressure and Chinese medicine, in 2004 Susie began a new venture that fit perfectly into her passion for helping others and aligned with the power of organic Wild Microalgae. She specializes in allergy elimination (among other things) utilizing a synthesis of chiropractic techniques and acupressure combined with the knowledge of Chinese medicine. “It’s an allergy elimination technique that helps reset the immune system and nervous system and rebalance the gut. You have to focus on the gut first because it’s the basis of a healthy immune system it all starts in the gut”, she added. 

Susie went on to say, “The company was way ahead of the ball game with probiotics, and in my opinion, Spectrabiotic is the best out there. People who take it often realize the difference in their digestion and their elimination. And, of course, it’s good for the immune system.” She went on to tell a little story, “I had an office in Chico and one day someone came barging in my office. She said, ‘you don’t know me, but I heard that you carry Spectrabiotic.’ The person went on to explain that she had a health issue where nothing else was able to help her and she REALLY needed some Spectrabiotic. So, of course, I sold her a couple of bottles.”

Throughout our conversation, Susie continued to express gratitude for having this connection with the company for so many years, the relationships the company afforded her (including meeting her husband), and her ability to fulfill her passion of helping people with their health and wellness. “I feel so blessed and lucky to have been connected to this company for as long as I have. The community was one of the most important and rewarding attributes. Getting healthy and helping other people is what has kept me in for so many years.” 

Today, Susie has downshifted a bit. She actually stopped working for about five years and found that she missed it. She has since come out of retirement and is back to following her passion. “It’s my way to serve and my purpose is hugely related to my work.”

Each person has an individual experience with New Earth. Success in working the New Earth business is based on your particular efforts. New Earth’s products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.