There isn’t anything that the Home Team loves more than hearing how the New Earth products and opportunity have helped to transform your lives. Last year we were lucky enough to meet George Ramirez after he tried the Edge products. At just 19 George is making great strides as an athlete. He is the youngest first place holder nationally for running Spartan’s Optical Races. He is continuing to achieve success and recently won first place in his age group in the last race that he competed in.

I am the youngest person to ever win first place nationally for running a Spartan optical race. I have been a type 1 diabetic since the age of three, but I haven’t let that stop me from becoming a top athlete. In fact, I aspire to compete at an Olympic level one day.

As a certified personal trainer, I like helping people to both get in shape and stay healthy on a regular basis. Personally, I run marathons and races. I really love the competition and level of athleticism it takes to win first place. That’s what drives me.

Being part of New Earth is a blessing. It allows me to perform at an elite level, both when I am training for a competition and on a daily basis. It has helped those I come in contact with realize a couple of very important things: 1) you don’t have to fill your body with chemicals to be healthy and 2) supplementing naturally is always the best way to go.