Get Out and Get Moving

Do you feel it? The sun on your skin, the crisp fresh air, the urge to get outside… Winter is coming to a close and spring is in the air. The days are brighter and longer, giving you more time to spend outside in nature. And, you are probably feeling a bit more energetic with a slightly improved mood. There are many reasons for this sudden change in mental and physical wellness with a major factor being Vitamin D. If you live in a colder environment or one with harsh winters, you might forget about the natural intake of Vitamin D that occurs when the sun shows its face. As the seasons change, so do our bodies. The question is, how can we take advantage of the sunny season?

Vitamin D, despite its name, is actually a prohormone, or precursor of a hormone. Prohormones are often associated with bodybuilding supplements, but this one is a naturally occurring prohormone that comes with a variety of health benefits. The best part? Spending time outside in the sun and fresh air can unlock these benefits! So, what are they?

Healthy Bones

Vitamin D plays a huge role in the production and regulation of calcium in our bodies. When the intestines process calcium, Vitamin D allows for the absorption and use of the mineral. Without Vitamin D, the kidneys would excrete the calcium. And, we all know that the calcium we consume is vital for strong, healthy bones!

Enhanced Mood

Sunshine is known for putting smiles on everyone’s faces, but there’s actually science behind these happy faces! Vitamin D has been shown to improve mood and help fight depression. Sunlight also increases the release of happy brain chemicals, such as serotonin. These factors are what help ward off seasonal affective disorder (SAD). 

Heart Health

Studies are showing that there is a link between Vitamin D and heart health. Higher Vitamin D levels can decrease blood pressure and increase blood vessel strength. Vitamin D has also shown to be helpful in repairing damage to the heart caused by high blood pressure.

From bones to mood to a healthy heart, Vitamin D has a part in it all. And, the last thing we want is to be deficient in this crucial nutrient. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to high blood pressure, decreased mood, bone and muscle aches, fatigue, and an overall decreased sense of wellness. This decreased sense of wellness can be easily noticed through the short cold winter days. It’s also easily reversed as we move into the longer, sunny spring days. That is if we take advantage of the beautiful weather and get outside. 

At New Earth, we understand that spending time outside in nature is non-negotiable when it comes to both mental and physical wellness. It also happens to be quite enjoyable and mood-boosting as well! For this reason, we are constantly finding excuses to spend time outdoors, and we believe you should too. Here are a few of our favorite excuses that you can borrow…

Mushroom Hunting

As spring rolls in and the days get longer, depending on your location, the edible mushrooms begin to appear (over in southern Oregon it’s the Morels). They are wild, nutritious and delicious. So, borrow our excuse for needing some fresh mushrooms and hit the forest for some hunting. Pro-tip, don’t forget to grab your free permit first!


Some of the best sights and views to be seen are where cars won’t take you. So lace up your boots and hit the trail. Go enjoy those crystal clear mountain lakes, rushing waterfalls, lush green meadows and more all while getting your heart pumping and blood flowing. 

Know your Food

Rather than relying 100 percent on the grocery store for your produce, start a garden. Your lovely plants will need your attention each day so it’s an excellent excuse to incorporate nature into your daily life.  

Care for the Pup

Our furry friends need exercise too and it’s our job to make sure they get it. So, get outside and take the dog for a walk. 

Enjoy a Meal

We all need to eat so why not do it outside? Have a picnic at your local park to get social and have fun while enjoying the benefits of Vitamin D.
It’s time to shake off the winter blues and let spring inspire us. Open the blinds and let the sun in! Spending time outdoors is part of what we call living the #NewEarthLife, and you deserve to feel the power of overall health and wellness. Start today by noting the health goals that you would like to achieve this spring. If you’re looking for a community to support and guide you, check out our 30 Day Gut Reboot on Facebook. Happy trails!