Get Your Slant On

The Blue Zones Project tells us that those who live the longest have nine common practices that attribute to their longevity and health, referred to as the Power 9. Number five is Plant Slant, which encourages those who wish to live a long healthy life to make plants the highlight of their diet. This summer, take a page from the Blue Zones Project and shift your focus to nourishing your body with fruits and veggies that are loaded with nourishing vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and more.

Need a little convincing? No problem. Here are a few of our favorite health benefits of a plant slant.

Digestion: Good health starts in the gut and today science tells us that a happy gut feeds a happy mind, we call this the gut-brain axis. Fruits and veggies are loaded with one of our favorite F words…Fiber, a key component to a healthy digestive system. Not to mention the variety of vitamins and minerals that a healthy digestive system can absorb. Turn to a variety of leafy greens like romaine, spinach, and kale.

Support Your Summer Bod: Summer is the season of bikinis and board shorts. With that, it’s the season to show off the glow of your summer bod, also known as your skin, the largest organ of the body. Believe it or not, glowing skin starts with the foods you consume. This summer incorporate foods that contain plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C. These lovely nutrients help to support healthy collagen. Turn to foods like organic Wild Microalgae also known as blue-green algae, strawberries and chia seeds.

Beat the Bloat: Bloat, it’s downright uncomfortable and summer BBQs often have a way of incorporating a fair share of foods that cause bloating. Beat the bloat and discomfort by consuming foods that are high in potassium. A couple of our favorites include avocadoes and bananas. Both delicious and nutritious!

A simple trip to Pinterest will provide you with more than enough plant slant, veggie-loaded recipes. Have fun, experiment and enjoy. You will be amazed at what your body does for you when you provide it with the right fuel. We call this living the #NewEarthLife.