Give Your Mom The Gift Of Health This Mother’s Day

All year long, moms around the world go out of their way to make our lives as easy as possible. When we were younger, our mothers were always there to kiss our boo-boos and make sure our belly was full before bed. Now that we are older, our moms are often still there to offer a helping hand or some much-needed wisdom as we raise families of our own. Needless to say, moms are invaluable. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it is time to start thinking of ways to show your mom just how much you appreciate her. 

But what do you get someone who deserves the world? Surely prepackaged gifts or a last-minute card just won’t cut it. This year, think outside the box to show your mother how much she means to you. 

And what greater gift is there than the gift of health and wellness?

After all, moms seem to have a self-sacrificial default setting. They work so hard to take care of those they love that they often forget to take care of themselves. The following 6 gift ideas, will provide mom with some much-needed rest, relaxation, and recuperation.  

  1. Treat her to brunch

    Sitting down for a meal with the whole family can be the perfect gift. So consider treating mom to a delicious and healthy Mother’s Day brunch this year. After all, brunch yields relaxing vibes, a large food variety, and quality time together. 

    You could make a reservation at her favorite brunch spot, or better yet, head to the grocery store to pick up ingredients to fix mom’s favorite brunch items at home. This way, you are ensuring that your brunch selections will be both healthy and tasty while also allowing mom to stay in her pajamas and put her feet up while food is being prepared. It’s a perfect mix of celebration and relaxation! 
  2. Offer a helping hand 

    With so much to do and so little time, our mothers may often feel like taking time for themselves means they will never get caught up. This year, give your mom a well-deserved break by offering to help out with a few household chores. Offer to do the dishes, walk the dogs, or even do this week’s grocery shopping while mom enjoys a snack and binges her favorite TV show. 
  3. Schedule a massage 

    For a mom who is constantly on the move, it is inevitable that her muscles will be sore and her mind weighed down with stress. Help her take some time to herself by booking her a massage. A single hour of quiet and relaxation may be exactly what she needs to feel refreshed and appreciated this year.

    If you really want to splurge, you may consider making it a whole spa day instead. A full day of pampering will make her feel extra special. 
  4. Do some yoga together

    One of the most important aspects of health is mental wellness and mindfulness. With that in mind, why not treat your mom to a yoga session? Whether your mom is an avid yogi or new to the practice, she will love spending some time relaxing and moving her body with a yoga session. To sweeten the deal, make it a family yoga session! After all, the best way to celebrate mom is to spend some quality time with her. 
  5. Get outside 

    If your mother is outdoorsy or really into physical activity, you could show her your appreciation and love by planning a fun outdoor activity. It could be anything from a day at the beach to a fun hike through a scenic trail. Don’t worry if your mom isn’t the outdoorsy type though, even a simple walk around the neighborhood after brunch can be a fabulous way to spend time together and show her you care. 
  6. Introduce her to high quality, organic health supplements

    Although we know our moms can’t live forever, there are things we can do to help her live a long and healthy life. One of those things is helping her ensure that she is getting the nourishment her busy life demands. And, the best way to do so, is with whole superfood supplements. If mom is up for it, spend some time helping her find the perfect supplements to add to her daily routine. And what’s even better is that superfood supplements pair well with any of the other ideas on this list. So you can mix and match to create the perfect gift for the mom in your life. 

    However, it is important to remember that not all supplements are created equal. 

    You should settle for nothing less than organic high-quality supplements when shopping for your beloved mother. At New Earth , we offer the very best supplements formulated from all-natural and organic ingredients like blue-green algae and wild mushrooms. With a large variety of supplements to help with anti-aging, heart health, and gut support, you are sure to find the perfect supplement to gift your mom this year. 

Taking Care of Mom, It’s What We Call Living the #NewEarthLife

At the end of the day, giving moms the gift of health can truly help the whole family. So show your mom how much you love her by helping her focus on her health this Mother’s Day and beyond. After all, our moms spend so much of their lives taking care of us, it only seems right that we take the time to help them live a long and healthy life by encouraging healthy lifestyle choices and providing them with the same love and support they always give us. 

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