We love a whole food product that can multi-task! In addition to healthy aging support through stem cell nutrition, New Earth’s Renew brings sunshine to your diet with a daily dose of an essential and elusive vitamin.
Vitamin D is something we could all use a little more of. After all, it helps us absorb calcium and modulate cell growth. It even boosts our immune function and supports your body’s own natural healing response, too. The sunshine is our main source but, with the winter season and shorter days upon us, we have less and less of it. Did you know that New Earth’s Renew has 2000 IU of this necessary vitamin in every serving? That’s a lot!

But there’s more. Science has proven that stem cells are absolutely integral to our health. They can develop into many different cells in the body, whether it’s muscle, red blood or skin cells. When we provide our body with the best parts of nature, we’re actually able to stimulate their growth and even promote renewal. That’s right! In effect, we’re allowing ourselves to age healthier and granting our body the rare opportunity to replenish itself.

And that’s what New Earth’s Renew is all about. When you add Renew to your lifestyle, you’re reversing the aging process and adding a little extra sunshine to your life. Two important benefits you can’t find anywhere else.

Fast facts:

Mushrooms are one of the only vegetarian foods in nature with vitamin D.
Over 75% of Americans lack enough vitamin D in their regular diets.
Vitamin D is absolutely vital to keep tissues operating at peak capacity.
The primary difference between a teenager and a 40-year-old is the number of stem cells they produce. So the more you have, the better off you are.
Natural healing and regeneration can largely depend on how many stem cells we produce and protect.
The most effective stem cell nutrition is specific combinations of nutrients like Wild Microalgae™, blueberry, carnosine, and green tea extract.
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