History of Wild Microalgae, Part 3

Gifted with the perfect ecosystem and a discovery made by dedicated scientists, New Earth’s Wild Microalgae® (also known as AFA) is a very rare and delicate organism that holds exceptional nutritional qualities. It takes just the right technological know-how to safely test, gather, and produce a whole food product that is of the highest quality and efficacy. Not only that, but this process ensures and maintains a healthy ecosystem for blooms of algae to come.

In fact, that’s where New Earth’s harvesting techniques rank #1. For over 30 years, New Earth’s engineering team has worked diligently to create efficient and eco-friendly harvesting techniques. Our Harvesting crew has been with us literally since the beginning and have taken advantage of the successes of other trades, created one-of-a-kind parts and machines, and with their deep knowledge of the algae, they have built Wild Microalgae-specific harvesting boats that easily move through the water, collecting AFA, a type of blue-green algae, that concentrate near the lake’s surface.

Our harvesters gather large quantities of algae that help us supply supplements throughout the year. Over the years we’ve perfected the art of gathering AFA. From originally collecting it from a major canal just south of Klamath Falls, to creating the unique harvesting boats we use today on upper Klamath Lake. We now have three harvesters in our fleet: McClaughlin, Shasta, and Mazama. Each of these harvesters has been built entirely by our own team and feature various technologies and methods of collecting this unique species of blue-green algae.

After being gathered, the Wild Microalgae is then transported almost immediately to our certified facilities to be carefully stored and manufactured, all while remaining certified organic and retaining it’s nutritional content.

Simply put, this unique and refined art of harvesting has been built on and perfected for over 30 years. And, there is something to be said about that. Throughout the years New Earth continues to provide the highest quality products to people, just like you, all over the globe.

No, this algae isn’t new news or a health trend. It’s much more powerful than that, it stood the test of time and still remains one of the most powerful superfoods we have available to us today. And, we have New Earth’s perfected harvesting practices to thank for that.

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