Keeping New Year’s Resolutions Takes Guts – Science Can Help!

We all do it. The New Year rolls around and, with one swift click of the second-hand, people all over the country begin to think about making New Year’s Resolutions for a better year than the last one. However, the making of resolutions is the easy part, keeping them is what has been proven to be difficult. Would it surprise you to know that science has perhaps given us a better understanding of what it might take to crack the code on keeping resolutions?

The secret has perhaps been inside you the whole time, in your gut to be specific. Recently scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles determined that the bacteria in your gut may have a greater impact on your willpower (and therefore keeping resolutions) than we would have ever guessed. The Gut-Brain relationship, or axis, and its relationship to our microbiota may play a key role in a great deal of human behavior– perhaps determining if we are happy or sad and how we react to certain sociological stimuli.

The study, titled “Brain Structure and Response to Emotional Stimuli as Related to Gut Microbial Profiles in Healthy Women” published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine tested for two bacterial based clusters that are hypothesized to affect human response; one positive and one negative. The findings included, “The Prevotella cluster was associated with differences in emotional, attentional, and sensory processing regions.” More study is needed to further clarify results. However, the research all seems to be pointing in the same direction. Your brain is more attentive, focused, and happy if the microbiota in your gut are happy as well.

How does this help you make and keep resolutions? Simple. All resolutions stand or fall on keeping the first one. Start by making a resolution that will really matter. If happiness is something you feel in your gut– literally– then make the resolution to make 2020 the best year ever by feeding your gut what it needs to create a joyful life for yourself.

Eat your way to a successful 2020 by choosing to eat more fruits and vegetables, drink more water, and supplement with three key powerful components of a healthy gut: algae, enzymes, and probiotics.

  • Algae – Algae is a superfood and organic Wild Microalgae® from Klamath Lake is perhaps the single most nutrient-dense food known on the planet today.
  • Enzymes – Whether it is a fat, carbohydrate, or protein your food will simply not break down for proper digestion unless you have the appropriate type and amounts of enzymes creating the chemical breakdown of your food.
  • Probiotics – Probiotics are what comprise our microbiota. These are our friends on the inside. The health benefits we receive from giving them a safe place to grow and proliferate is worth it.

At New Earth we want a healthy gut and a happier life to be a resolution you can keep. Why not try Essentials, an easy one-a-day packet with all of the nutrients and gut supporting enzymes and probiotics you need. The risk is small with our money-back guarantee. We hope you have the guts to give it a try!