Let Mother Nature Provide

Nestled in sunny southern Oregon in the town of Klamath Falls sits New Earth headquarters. Surrounded by pristine lakes, flowing rivers, and preserved wilderness, the outdoor adventures are endless. Venturing into the Sky Lakes Wilderness, Mountain Lakes Wilderness or even Crater Lake National Park is not uncommon in these parts. And, the reality is, over thousands of years, this unique area was beautifully developed by Mother Nature to be a pristine environment.

In fact, this ecosystem is like no other as it harbors a natural phenomenon, organic Wild Microalgae® (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae or AFA), one of the world’s most powerful superfoods. AFA is so rare that Klamath Lake is the only place in the world where this algae grows in harvestable quantities. And, we have an eruption to thank for this. 

When you take a trip to Crater Lake, there are many information signs that tell the history of the deep blue water. Over 7,000 years ago, Mount Mazama erupted, spreading mineral-rich ash and lava all over what’s now referred to as the Klamath Basin. This eruption left a huge crater that slowly filled up with water, forming Crater Lake, a pristine body of water. 

The snow and rain that filled the crater naturally ran off into what’s now referred to as Upper Klamath Lake. With over 35 feet of mineral-rich sediment and pristine water, the perfect environment for organic Wild Microalgae was created. 

This Wild Microalgae isn’t farmed or cultivated, it is harvested directly from the lake where it naturally grows and flourishes. It’s food as Mother Nature intended. And, as we have seen time and time again with a variety of foods including salmon, venison, sardines, and more wildcrafted is far superior to farmed, altered, or cultivated foods. 

30 years ago, our company’s founders began researching this naturally occurring blue-green algae and found great potential for health-giving properties. Since then, the scientists and engineers at New Earth, have perfected the harvesting process to collect and process this delicate Wild Microalgae. It was a long and arduous process, but they knew Aphanizomenon flos-aquae would be worth it. For thousands of people all over the world, their efforts were fruitful. 

The harvesting process is a fine art that protects the integrity and nutrient profile of this delicate microalgae. It takes sophisticated technological know-how to harvest, cool, process, and dry in a way that preserves its delicate balance of nutrients. It goes from harvest to quick cooling to multiple cleanings to water removal to fast freezing and storage…all in a few hours. Needless to say, experience counts when it comes to making a world-class superfood from a rare and delicate lifeform. 

This wildcrafted strain of blue-green algae is a near-perfect superfood containing all 20 standard amino acids, making it a complete source of protein. It also contains 13 necessary vitamins, 23 trace elements and elements, essential fatty acids, antioxidant pigments phycocyanin and chlorophyll, and the mental energy activator phenylethylamine (PEA). And, the best part? All of these nutrients come straight from Mother Nature in their natural form which, of course, is how our bodies prefer to receive their nutrients. 

Wild Microalgae is an ancient superfood that humans are finally able to unlock with the help of New Earth’s advanced technology and processes. Long before the best thing was sliced bread, there was Aphanizomenon flos-aquae. Created by Mother Nature and carefully harvested and processed by New Earth, Wild Microalgae has the potential to change lives.

Try it for your self and find out what it can do for you risk-free with our 90-day money-back guarantee. 

At New Earth we are on a mission to positively impact the health of every body and soul we come in contact with. We specialize in producing third-party certified, organic whole food supplements including a variety of probiotics, and digestive support. Our supplements feature a rare, yet highly, nutritious superfood, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA). Also known as organic Wild Microalgae®, AFA is a unique type of blue-green algae that is available in many forms including algae tablets, algae pills, and algae powders all designed to help you on your journey to holistic wellness. The best part? We offer a 90-day money-back risk-free guarantee on all of our products. Visit our website to learn more.