New Earth is awarding someone an all-expenses-paid vacation to Catalina in 2016…and it might as well be you.

Think about it. At New Earth, we’re huge fans of the great natural resources our planet provides. And when you visit Catalina, you’re visiting one of the most diverse ecological wonderlands in the nation!

You can expect to be wowed by over fifty species of birds, many you’ve probably never seen before, ones that will send you scrambling for your guide. There will be butterflies and sea lions and salamanders. You’ll see flowers and plants specific to the exact region you’re in, more than 600 different kinds in all! If we’ve done our homework right, it’ll be unlike anything you’ve quite seen or done before.

On top of that, you’ll ride a helicopter over the sea. You’ll see whales in their natural habitat. You’ll wander around beaches, enjoy spa treatments and wonder how you’d never happened upon such a beautiful place before. You might not want to leave. Who in their right minds would want to check out of paradise?

So there you have it. It’ll take your breath away, you’ll have a smile you won’t quite be able to rid yourself of and you’ll have stories to share for the months and years to come.

Do you want to be our big winner? We can’t help but hope so.

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