Mindfulness It’s a Continuous Journey

Mindfulness, to me, seems like a newer word for a fairly ancient concept. Meditation, living in the present—pick your preferred word, I suppose.

Mindfulness is an important component of wellness, no doubt. Here is a bit on my journey as it relates to spending time practicing mindfulness, and the positive effects it has on my life as a whole.

Before we get into that, let me broaden the scope for a moment. Similar to adding high-quality nutrition to your diet, feeding your mind and soul is just as important. It’s no secret that here at New Earth our mission is to share the gift of our nutritional supplements and improve the lives and health of those close to us. Physical health is so foundational to a vibrant existence; without a solid physical foundation to build upon, spiritual and mental health will surely struggle to thrive. So we have a high-quality nutritional foundation going for us!

Now let us get back to mindfulness…

Sometimes I struggle with getting quality sleep. I have a habit of being wide awake for hours during the night. For some reason, my mind gets the full circus started in the wee hours. Needless to say, this has negative effects on my energy levels, and I cannot stand struggling through work in the afternoons.

A few years ago I thought that maybe some guided meditations would help me sleep better, and this is when my mindfulness journey began. I reviewed some mindfulness apps and found one that I liked. It includes a series of guided meditations of various lengths. Every evening I incorporated these meditations into my “wind-down” routine. The results were quite impressive.

Much faster than I anticipated, I learned to mentally ‘stand back’ and observe my thoughts and emotions from a distance, helping me ease and let go of the day’s stress. When I wake up feeling a bit overwhelmed in the middle of the night, and I still do, I have the tools that help me focus back to my present self and return to a restful night.

The best part is that practicing mindfulness has very few rules. There’s no way to mess up. All mindfulness practice is progress. You may have more focused or less focused sessions of meditation, and the bottom line is that it’s okay to struggle. Practice makes perfect as they say! As a matter of fact, when one takes time to implement practices that help improve their health and overall wellbeing we call this living the #NewEarthLife.

If you are interested, I recommend taking the time to identify what it is you want to get out of practicing mindfulness. This will help you focus your efforts and goals. Once you are clear on what you hope to accomplish, go ahead and explore avenues to get there. There are a variety of apps, tools, YouTube videos and more that will help you kick off your journey towards a better balanced you!

Article by Justin Straus