Mindset Shifts for a Better You

The snow is almost gone. The sun is out. Soon we will be back outside and seen by other people! The beach, maybe the lake, but what we have done to our bodies will be on full display after our hibernation and quarantine. It’s that time of year when we seriously consider doing a seven day cleanse or maybe a three-day detox. Why? So we can ‘jump-start’ our weight loss and recovery. Quick fix, right?

There is just one problem: your body is not a car. You can’t throw some jumper cables on and expect it to work perfectly again! The quick fix is a trap. Where do quick fixes really get you? Well, unfortunately, short term solutions invariably lead to short term results. This is because health and wellness are not based on quick fixes. Maybe you’re thinking, “I can’t do long and difficult diets and training. I’ve tried!” Don’t worry, it is doable! And easier than you might think.

Striving for health and wellness is about a MINDSET SHIFT. It is not about doing a certain specific action once, but becoming the type of person who does little healthy things every day. Consider this story of a man who wanted to go to the gym more:

This man was struggling with his weight for many years. After countless tries to change his diet and exercise routines, he felt lost and hopeless. He had been paying for a gym membership for months. Every time he went to the gym, he would work until his legs could barely hold himself. He felt accomplished after! The next day though, he was so sore he would take a ‘rest day.’ It shattered his hope for change and of course, the gym wouldn’t see him for weeks. Researching for better answers, he discovered the idea of changing ‘the person he is.’ Altering his expectations for success as a habit. He went to the gym that day after work, stayed for five minutes, then went home. This continued for three weeks going six times a week until he upped his time. Within six months, the man was at the gym for an hour, six days a week. He had hope and results. Slower and more methodical? Yes. But in the end, sustaining changes were made.

Each time he went to the gym, he overworked himself, thinking it would be the only way he could become a gym-goer. His quick fix made him too sore to even return a second day. When he switched to five minutes a day, he became the kind of person who goes to the gym six times a week. Once his mindset had shifted, he could add time and intensity to his routine. Before you can shift behavior, you must shift your mindset. 

This mindset shift is why we created the 30 Day Gut Reboot. 30 days to become a person who chooses health. 30 Days to become a person who is living the #NewEarthLife. 

The 30-Day Gut Reboot is a family of techniques designed to support a healthy gut and healthy you. It’s about sustainable daily habits that support a healthy gut and a healthy life. Your gut controls your life—helping to conduct things like your mood and mind (courtesy of the gut-brain axis), your immune system (over 70%), your skin and your ability to lose weight (thanks to your gut microbiome), and your ability to process and utilize the nutrients from your food and so much more. True health is deeper than skin and beyond quick fixes. 

We designed this challenge for all those who are either on or want to begin their journey to wellness! The reboot will help you cut out fake foods, hydrate your body, and exercise effectively with others also working to live and feel their best! It is designed to be achievable and to help you shift your lifestyle to healthy patterns. The Four R’s are the guidelines for this challenge:


The very first step is to remove the items that are not supporting your gut health–including processed foods that are known to cause sensitivities, and chronic stress.


It’s as simple as replacing your current diet with a whole foods diet that nurtures and feeds your body. Your gut microbiome actually responds to the food you put in your body.


It’s time to add in the good and restore what may be missing from your gut’s ecosystem. This includes supplementing with a quality probiotic and eating a variety of fermented foods.


Last, it’s time to repair. Many of the shifts already made actually help with the repair process: consuming a whole food diet and adding in prebiotics, probiotics, and fermented foods.

The best thing about the 30 Day Gut Reboot? It is not a quick fix, but the beginning of a new you! These goals are meant to help you shift your mindset to the lifestyle you deserve. There are side effects you may experience if you choose to join the reboot, the good kind of side effects! This lifestyle can help develop a balanced weight, a healthy glow, a healthy digestive system, and less food sensitivity. This is about being your best, and that is the goal of living the #NewEarthLife.
Give the 30 Gut Reboot a try to join a community of individuals all striving for wellness!