The American Academy of Pediatrics recently suggested high schools push back their start times. Their reasoning: teenagers need more sleep. Studies show that when a teen hasn’t had enough sleep, poor health, bad grades, and even car crashes are all possibilities.

At New Earth, we can’t control how many hours of sleep you or your teenager get. But, as school starts this week for hundreds of thousands of students all across the country, we can certainly help out with that “poor health” part of the equation.

Whether your child is in kindergarten or college—or any grade in between—when they use New Earth products, they are destined to succeed. Here are our top six ways your students can benefit with New Earth:

– Increased energy
– Greater ability to focus
– Increased immune system support (less sick days!)
– Healthy, sustainable snacks throughout the day
– Lunches packed with protein
– Boosted sports performance
Maybe you have some benefits you have already noticed this year. If so, we want to hear about them. Here’s to a fantastic and healthy school year!