18 March 2015


American Heart Month is over, but we could all stand to treat ourselves a little better year-round. More specifically, we should aim towards healthier hearts. And the better we treat our hearts—striving towards a balanced diet and proper supplementation—the better off we ultimately are. When you make a daily habit of adding New Earth’s Energize to your lifestyle, you’re adding CoQ10 to your system as well. That means you’re stimulating cellular energy throughout your body. You’re also enhancing your physical performance and what your body is able to handle. Essentially, you’re giving your heart a boost. And that’s a good thing.

Fast facts:
• A CoQ10 supplement can help increase your antioxidant levels and protect your cells from free radical damage.
• Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.
• Energize is designed to promote a healthy heart and strong cardiovascular system.

Give your heart a new start.

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12 February 2015


The process of harvesting, collecting and preserving the unique wild microalgae New Earth uses in its many products can be a sometimes confusing process, but it needn’t be. In fact, all things considered, it’s relatively simple. From the time the algae is gathered in Oregon’s Klamath Lake to when it is frozen and stored, the special techniques in place allow the company to capture and preserve the many nutrients found within the algae in just a few hours’ time. This ensures when you choose New Earth you can expect high quality in every product, every single time.

Fast Facts:
• Klamath Lake is technically a river, as water constantly flows in and out of it.
• Crater Lake is often called the “Mother Ship” for Klamath’s watershed because the groundwater begins there. It’s the deepest lake in the nation and one of the purest in the world.
• The Klamath Basin—where Wild Microalgae is collected—sits on the Pacific Flyway and the Pacific Ring of Fire.

New Earth’s quality is unmatched. Discover more here.

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23 December 2014


We love a whole food product that can multi-task! In addition to healthy aging support through stem cell nutrition, New Earth’s Renew brings sunshine to your diet with a daily dose of an essential and elusive vitamin.
Vitamin D is something we could all use a little more of. After all, it helps us absorb calcium and modulate cell growth. It even boosts our immune function and supports your body’s own natural healing response, too. The sunshine is our main source but, with the winter season and shorter days upon us, we have less and less of it. Did you know that New Earth’s Renew has 2000 IU of this necessary vitamin in every serving? That’s a lot!

But there’s more. Science has proven that stem cells are absolutely integral to our health. They can develop into many different cells in the body, whether it’s muscle, red blood or skin cells. When we provide our body with the best parts of nature, we’re actually able to stimulate their growth and even promote renewal. That’s right! In effect, we’re allowing ourselves to age healthier and granting our body the rare opportunity to replenish itself.

And that’s what New Earth’s Renew is all about. When you add Renew to your lifestyle, you’re reversing the aging process and adding a little extra sunshine to your life. Two important benefits you can’t find anywhere else.

Fast facts:

Mushrooms are one of the only vegetarian foods in nature with vitamin D.
Over 75% of Americans lack enough vitamin D in their regular diets.
Vitamin D is absolutely vital to keep tissues operating at peak capacity.
The primary difference between a teenager and a 40-year-old is the number of stem cells they produce. So the more you have, the better off you are.
Natural healing and regeneration can largely depend on how many stem cells we produce and protect.
The most effective stem cell nutrition is specific combinations of nutrients like Wild Microalgae™, blueberry, carnosine, and green tea extract.
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25 November 2014

Hippocrates said, “Man is not nourished by what he swallows, but by what he digests and uses.”

The holidays are here. And, as the norm goes, we’ll be eating a variety of foods we’re not used to eating the rest of the year. At New Earth, we’d like to help. Did you know enzymes break down your nutrients, helping digest all the rich, fatty and processed food you eat? This helps restore energy and aids in digestion, too.

And you actually optimize the nutritional value of your food when you use New Earth’s Enzymes. They assist in breaking down fats, carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. And, because our enzymes are blended with Wild Microalgae, specific vitamins and minerals needed for optimum functioning are added to the mix, too.

Your body doesn’t benefit until nutrients are unlocked and absorbed from the foods you eat, which makes enzymes absolutely vital. They are natural miracles of miniature engineering, critical to the proper functioning of everything from breathing to thinking to blood circulation.

Also, digestion takes a lot of energy. Digestion of enzyme-deficient food is especially tough on your body, sapping your natural vitality and feeling of well being.

New Earth’s Enzymes contain a wide range with a high activity level including lipase to break down fat; protease to break down protein, cellulase to help break down cellulose; amylase to break down starch; and phytase to break down enzyme inhibitor phyton.

In all, there are 15 types of digestive enzymes in New Earth’s Enzymes, helping pave the way to getting the most nourishment out of your diet. Give the gift of good health for the holidays—treat yourself to Enzymes.


16 October 2014


Did you know mushrooms are high in vitamin D and rich in beta-glucans, which can actually help modulate and strengthen the immune system? Not only is it true, but timely, too: we’re about to enter cold and flu season, after all.

Health.com posted a recent article—5 Surprising Facts About Mushrooms—and we urge you to give it a look. Don’t be surprised if you end up learning something you didn’t already know before.


Mushrooms are integral to us at New Earth. Interested in giving our nutrient-rich products a try? Visit us at http://oldsite.newearth.com/products/about-mushrooms/ to learn more.