Ready to Be an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. In today’s world, there are many avenues to start a business and generate income. These ever-increasing opportunities can be contributed to our ever-expanding technology and the ability to connect with people worldwide. Whether its a side-hustle or full-time gig you’re after, you have plenty of opportunities, including some you may have previously dismissed.

Direct Selling, it’s one people often dismiss without having the full story. When the topic comes to conversation you typically get responses that include an eye roll and “oh one of those Tupperware party things” as they envision early mornings and late evenings filled with webinars and friends and family being pressured to buy items and to join up. However, there are always two sides to a story.

Before you dismiss taking advantage of Direct Selling as an entrepreneurial opportunity, be sure to explore the other side of the story as well.

According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA) in 2018 Direct Selling in the USA represented $35.4 billion in retail sales with about 1 million people working their business full time and another 5.2 million working their business part-time. That’s a total of over 6 million entrepreneurs that reside in the USA who are taking advantage of the Direct Selling entrepreneurship opportunity. With that, a whopping 36.6 million customers are buying one or more of their products from a direct sales representative.

This is in fact, a real market with real potential for anyone who is seeking an opportunity.

While we have all likely had a not so pleasant experience with someone in the Direct Sales industry, the same could be said for just about any business. We have all had both good and bad experiences at restaurants, grocery stores, shipping facilities and so on. It all depends on the business and the standards that the particular business holds.

The same holds true for Direct Sales. When you meet a rep who is serious about their business and treats it like a real business that they are passionate about the difference is noticeable and the experience is outstanding. There is no pressure to buy or join, rather, it’s an exploration between you and the rep, determining if their products fulfill your needs.

Unlike many other entrepreneurial opportunities, Direct Selling has a relatively low barrier of entry and provides you with the foundational building blocks necessary for any successful business. We are talking about an e-commerce store, marketing materials, a customer support team and so on. All of these things helping to remove the risk associated with owning and operating your own business.

When an opportunity arises that you are passionate about don’t let the Direct Selling label or any other label (as long as it is legal and legitimate) deter you from saying yes and embarking on your own entrepreneurship journey.

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