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What does the entire first page of results show you? BEST INDOOR WORKOUTS TO DO AT HOME. That’s all good and fine, working out at home is a great option: you can be comfortable, pick your own routine, and it’s free! That’s enough for me to say, “Yep, I will just work out at home!” However, I often find myself saying that then not following through. And, I know I’m not the only one. So what’s this blockage and how do we get past it? Sometimes it takes getting out of your comfort zone to get back into the rhythm.

Whether you enjoy getting out or just need to jumpstart your routine, heading to the gym or going to a class can help rejuvenate your workouts this winter! There are several benefits to the gym that, in my opinion, make the cost worth it.

  • Avoiding distractions at home
  • Access to knowledge from others working out and personal trainers
  • Access to quality equipment
  • Immersion in a social environment and other people with similar interests in health and fitness
  • Avoiding the elements and bad weather

When working out becomes a routine, it becomes more gratifying as you hit your goals and see the change in your overall health on the inside and outside! Going to the gym or a class can help you establish that routine which in turn will help to keep you motivated even when your couch and sherpa blanket are calling your name.

So, what to do when you actually get to the gym? This question can be quite intimidating, especially for new gym-goers. But, the answer is simple: pick a class or workout that interests you and dive on in (remember, we are getting out of our comfort zone here)! Here are some ideas…

If you like to move and groove, then Zumba may be the workout for you. It’s an excellent form of cardio that can help you de-stress, tone your body and get your sweat on! Listening to good music and getting a great workout in all while interacting with others is sure to put a smile on your face and help improve your mood and overall wellness.

Cycling, or spin, is the perfect mix of high-intensity and low impact. It’s an incredible form of cardio that will make your legs burn (in a good way, of course) and build your endurance. Cycling helps to build muscles, especially on your lower half, including your butt and thighs, improves cardiovascular health and reduces stress. This is the perfect workout for someone who wants to take a class or workout individually while monitoring and tempo control throughout the workout.

This high intensity workout is a full-body mix of cardio and strength training. This kind of cross training torches calories while strengthening core muscles. It is a great workout for weight loss and for improving balance. Engaging in kickboxing helps you to sweat out toxins in your body, increase energy levels, and reduce stress. Ready to let a little frustration or the day’s stress out? I’ll see you at kickboxing!

Pilates and Yoga
Two words, stretching and toning. Sure, at first glance these low impact full-body workouts may seem easy, but don’t be mistaken. With a focus on core strength, pilates and yoga can tone and stretch your muscles all while challenging your mind. Both practices can help you with body awareness, improve your concentration, increase mindfulness and decrease stress. Yoga and pilates can be done in a class setting or individually. Both great practices to include in your weekly routine.

Remember, variety is the spice of life! Each workout will bring different types of benefits and work and stretch different parts of the body. Don’t be afraid to try them all, see what works well, see what fills your needs and fits your preferences. Most importantly, enjoy the incredible health and wellness benefits when integrated into your weekly life.

Getting out of the house and to the gym, yoga studio, or fitness center (wherever you decide to go) can help you to strive towards your fitness goals and to overcome obstacles you might find with in-home workouts. The best part is, these options are only the beginning! There are many more and you can try any that you might be interested in, all you have to do is say yes. It’s your fitness journey, so take full advantage and do it your way! We call this living the #NewEarthLife.

What’s more, we have the tools to help you with your fitness journey. After all, we want to help you achieve all of your goals, including your wellness and fitness goals. For this reason, we put together everything you will need for pre- and post-workout support with our Edge Pack. These microalgae infused supplements will help give you the energy and clarity you need to maximize your workout, and your day, and recover and motivate you for every day after! This winter, let’s not be afraid of the gym or getting out of the house. Let’s take our fitness and wellness by stride.
You deserve it!