Simple Ways To Eat More Whole Foods

We all know that fake, heavily processed foods aren’t good for our health and that we should be cutting them from our diet. But oftentimes, that is easier said than done. Even if you cut out the obvious culprits like carbonated drinks, sugar-filled treats, and deep-fried snacks, there are still a lot of unhealthy foods hiding in plain sight. In fact, a lot of products that are marketed as healthy foods include less-than-healthy ingredients. For example, a lot of fruit juices have added sugar, and veggie chips are often fried using saturated and trans fats. 

Of course, a lot of us have eating habits that were developed in childhood, which makes them especially difficult to break. And with today’s standard American diet being chock-full of processed foods, it’s no wonder so many of us have unhealthy eating habits. But what is the standard American diet anyway and why do so many of us have a hard time moving away from it? Let’s break it down. 

The Standard American Diet

Today, it is common for the average American to consume large quantities of ultra-processed foods with added sugars, fats, and sodium. In fact, 63% of the American diet consists of refined and processed food while only 6% consists of whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and whole grains. On top of that, research shows that 75% of Americans don’t eat the recommended daily amount of fruit, and 87% eat less than the recommended amount of vegetables. 

Why is it that so many Americans turn to processed foods over whole foods? There are a multitude of reasons. For starters, processed foods that come in a box or package often take little to no time to prepare. Meanwhile, whole-food-based meals often take more time and preparation. This makes processed foods the more convenient option, especially for those who lead busy lives. 

In addition, research has shown that people are more likely to become addicted to processed foods than unprocessed foods. This is because the way these foods are processed basically strips them of ingredients like water, fiber, and protein and leaves only the most addicting ingredients like sugar and salt. 

Easy Changes for a Whole Foods Diet 

With processed foods being the norm in today’s world, it’s no wonder it is so difficult to cut processed foods out of our diet. The good news is that there are small steps you can take to start ditching those processed foods and start incorporating more whole foods. Here are just a few of them. 

  1. Opt for Whole Grains 
    Over processed grains like white rice, pasta, and flour are full of calories but have very little nutritional value. Additionally, these grains are high in refined carbohydrates, which are quickly processed by your body, inevitably leaving you hungry not long after you eat. 

    On the other hand, whole grains like brown rice, wheat flour, and whole-grain pasta are less processed and full of micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. They are also rich in fiber which is not only great for your digestion but also very filling.

  2. Snack on Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 
    We know that reaching for that bag of chips or grabbing a few cookies to snack on is convenient, but there are healthier alternatives out there. Instead, try stocking up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Not only are they loaded with nutrients, but most of them can also be eaten raw. Just rinse them off, cut them up, and you have a healthy and nutritious snack. 

  3. Read the Label 
    If you do find yourself needing to buy some packaged food, rest assured that they’re not all ultra-processed. In fact, there are some packaged foods out there, like nuts, meat, and even some vegetables, that are ideal for a whole foods diet. With that being said, make sure you take the time to read the label before you buy anything in a package. Keep a close eye out for added sugars, unhealthy fats, and preservatives. 

  4. Substitute with Veggies 
    Keep an eye out for recipe ingredients that can be substituted with vegetables. You would be surprised how often you can cut out processed ingredients by using a vegetable substitute. For example, finely chopped cauliflower can be substituted for rice, and spaghetti squash or zucchini are both great substitutes for pasta. 

  5. Don’t Forget Superfoods
    Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are all great, but if you really want to make sure you are giving your body all the nutrients it needs, it’s time to start adding superfoods to your diet. You could go with the usual options like acai berries, cacao, or hemp, or you could choose an even better option out there: organic Wild Microalgae®

    What is organic Wild Microalgae? It’s a rare type of blue-green algae that contains an extraordinary nutrient profile. In fact, it’s a near-perfect food filled with standard amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, phenylethylamine (PEA), and antioxidant pigments phycocyanin and chlorophyll.  

Organic Wild Microalgae: The Perfect Addition To Your Whole Foods Diet  

There is no doubt that nourishing your body with whole foods is one of the best ways to keep your mind and body healthy. That’s why we consider it part of living the #NewEarthLife. By making simple adjustments to your daily eating habits, you can easily be on your way to an overall healthier lifestyle. If you’re looking for an all-natural and convenient way to boost your nutrient intake while making these lifestyle changes, then look no further than organic Wild Microalgae. And the best part? You can put it to the test risk-free with our 90-day money-back guarantee.

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