As a company, we consider making you feel better one of our most important priorities. It’s why we promote products made up of the greatest natural ingredients our world has to offer. But there’s another way to feel good, too, an additional way to add to the supplemental way of living. In short, gratitude will help you feel better.

When we seek to practice gratitude, we recognize those things happening that are largely beyond our control. And we can do this any number of ways, whether it’s writing regular thank you notes, taking time to count blessings, meditating or even praying. Studies have shown that actively cultivating gratefulness in your life may mean you end up exercising more and visiting your doctor less.

It may be out of fashion to promote gratitude these several days after Thanksgiving, but at New Earth, we consider thankfulness a habit we can (and should!) develop all year long. As we move into the holidays, let’s consider the beauty that accompanies giving. Let’s remember to acknowledge all the good our lives—and those many other lives we come in contact with—have to offer.