Bacteria get a bad reputation. The harmful strains that cause disease, infection, and illness get all of the attention. Antibiotics are one of the top prescribed drugs, and dozens of new antibacterial products land on the shelves every year.

But how often do you hear about good bacteria? Probiotics, literally meaning “for life,” are the beneficial flora that make up your own internal ecosystem. A healthy body contains billions of them providing natural protection against the insults of a modern lifestyle. Stress, environmental toxins, processed foods, chlorinated water, sugar, and caffeine all upset the balance of probiotics in your digestive tract. If the good bacteria aren’t restored, then a variety of digestive upsets and immune system deficiencies will occur.

Traditional cultures have long recognized the value of fermented foods for digestive support and immunity, but our modern diet makes these foods increasingly difficult to access. At New Earth, it’s easy to restore and regenerate your digestive system with high quality and nutrient-rich probiotics. We know from experience what emerging science is now demonstrating…quality probiotic supplementation has far-reaching benefits including:

-Increased ability to absorb nutrients*
-B-vitamin production for immune system support*
-Promotion of healthy digestion and elimination*
-Natural energy booster
Our cutting-edge probiotics are superior because in addition to billions of colonies of live cultures, they are blended with our own Wild Bluegreen Algae. The presence of dozens of essential micronutrients provides on the spot nutrition needed for the growth of good bacteria.

If you’re looking for more energy, a stronger immune system, and healthy digestion, then it’s time to bring the good guys back into your diet.