The Link Between Vitamin D And Gut Health

By now, we’ve all heard about the power of probiotics when it comes to keeping your gut healthy, and while probiotics are definitely an essential part of supporting your digestive system, they aren’t the only thing that matters. A healthy gut microbiome is a diverse one, which means taking care of it also requires a diverse approach that includes probiotics, digestive enzymes, and a variety of vitamins and minerals. And one of those vitamins is one that is difficult to get from your diet alone—Vitamin D. 

Vitamin D And Your Gut

Vitamin D is more than just a vitamin, it’s a key player in keeping your body in tip-top shape. Not only does it help keep your bones strong, but it also gives your immune system a boost and helps keep your gut healthy. Did you know that vitamin D receptors can be found all over your body? That’s how important it is for your overall well-being. 

When it comes to the relationship between vitamin D and your gut health, it’s a two-way street. Vitamin D helps increase the good bacteria in your gut and in return, your gut helps your body absorb more of this important vitamin. Studies have shown that people who have higher levels of vitamin D in their bodies tend to have a more diverse gut microbiome and an overall healthier gut. Additionally, these researchers also found that certain types of helpful bacteria appear more often in the gut of people who have plenty of active vitamin D in their bodies. These bacteria produce a fatty acid known as butyrate, which is vital for maintaining a healthy gut lining.  

Another study revealed that when we don’t get enough of this essential nutrient, it can alter the composition of our gut microbiome and make it more difficult to achieve a happy, healthy gut. Don’t fret though because the same study also found that getting enough vitamin D can give your gut a boost and help it function at its best. 

Do You Need More Vitamin D? 

Did you know that you may not be getting enough vitamin D? Unfortunately, it seems that the odds may not be in your favor as an increasing number of Americans aren’t getting enough of this important vitamin in their diet. In fact, up to 40% of people in the United States might be missing out, and a lack of vitamin D within the body can lead to a number of different health concerns, including an imbalanced gut. 

So, how can you tell if your body needs more vitamin D? While visiting your medical provider for a blood test is the only way to know for sure, there are a few things you can watch out for that may be a sign your body needs some more vitamin D. Since this important vitamin plays a role in maintaining strong bones and muscles, one of the most common signs that your body isn’t getting enough vitamin D is bone pain or muscle weakness. Other signs may include fatigue, restless sleep, and hair loss.  

Getting More Vitamin D

Now that you know how important Vitamin D is to your gut health and overall wellness, there are some tips you can try to get your Vitamin D levels up.

1. Eat Vitamin-Rich Foods

As is the case with nearly any aspect of your health, your body can bounce back with a consistently healthy diet. Try to eat foods like fish, egg yolks, and mushrooms as they are known to provide your body with vitamin D. 

2. Soak Up The Sun

We all know that spending too much time in the sun unprotected isn’t great for our health. However, spending time in the sunlight is one of the best ways to ensure your body is getting plenty of vitamin D. This is because your body is able to synthesize this important vitamin from the light emitted by the sun. Of course, whether you’ll be outside for only a few minutes or most of the day, you’ll still want to take steps to protect your skin, such as wearing protective clothing and applying sunscreen. 

3. Take Natural Supplements

One simple and effective way to increase your body’s vitamin D levels is by taking a vitamin D supplement. When choosing a supplement, remember that not all supplements are created equal. Opt for one that is all-natural, chemical and allergen free, and backed up by safety and quality certifications for the best results. 

Support Your Body From The Core With Vitamin D

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