During the winter months more people are searching for ways to naturally strengthen and nourish their immune systems—with New Earth wild superfoods, it’s easy. At our core, we are about harnessing the power of nature for your health and vitality, and we do this by developing products that just work.

Did you know that forests have an immune system? And that it’s remarkably like yours? Within weeks of a devastating forest fire, the first sign of a recovering habitat is the growth of a variety of fungi. As they mature and release spores, insects and animals are attracted to a new food source. Leaving behind seeds and taking new spores with them to their next location sparks the beginning of the regeneration process. It’s a miracle of life that research is just starting to catch up to, and this regeneration is mirrored in your own body.

Scientists call fungi “the forest’s immune system,” because in addition to recycling and regenerating, they nourish the trees and protect them from invaders and disease. Nutrient-dense and enzyme-rich, mushrooms pass on sophisticated information about how to cope with and adapt to pathogens and other environmental stressors. Much like how your immune system develops antibodies to protect from future infections and stressors.

New Earth brings the world’s most revered and sought-after mushrooms to you because what they do for the planet, they can also do for you. They embody the wisdom of nature at its most versatile and adaptable—and they deliver that resilience and cellular intelligence to you!