Utilizing Stress the Way Your Body Planned

Stress – AKA the Boogeyman. This often frightening word describes the physiological and psychological response to changes in our environment. We are told to avoid stress as much as possible due to the negative effects it can have on our bodies. This is solid advice as high levels and long-time exposure of the stress-induced hormone, cortisol, can have many negative health effects including headaches, stomach pain, chest pain, digestive issues and so on.

The fact of the matter is, stress is unavoidable. You can, and should, take measures to lessen and deal with it, such as exercising, practicing a healthy diet and having a good support system around you. But, what if there was a way to unlock the potential of stress? Everything is good in moderation is the phrase that defines exactly how the body’s natural stress processes work. The body creates cortisol not to cause side effects like headaches and digestive issues, but to increase your reactivity to changes in your environment at the right times. For example, when you need to get something done that you have been procrastinating, cortisol kicks in to help you find the motivation! It’s your body’s way of looking out for you. However, when you pass the tipping point of moderation and your brain is constantly flooded with cortisol, you begin to see and experience these negative health effects.

Now, how do we unlock the potential of stress? A healthy lifestyle is key for managing stress, but the unlocking begins before the cortisol is released. In her viral TED Talk which has gained over twenty million views, health psychologist Kelly McGonigal explains how changing your mindset on stress can completely change your livelihood and reaction to the punches life throws. Look at it this way, at New Earth we offer the opportunity and complete package that allows you to become a thriving Wellness Entrepreneur, but that is completely up to you. Here are two scenarios…

  • One: You take on the opportunity but doubt yourself. You don’t have any business experience, you are “shy”, you probably won’t have much success but at least you can say you “tried”.
  • Two: You take on the opportunity head-on. Sure you don’t have much experience but you can learn anything, you’re not afraid to fail along the way and you are sure that through persistence you will find success.

Nothing scientific or complicated: which example is going to yield results? Which person is going to build a successful business? Does mindset matter or not? Of course it matters—mindset is everything!

Believe it or not, the same goes for our body’s natural response to changes in its environment: We can…

  • Be fearful of the stress brought on by changes. If you get too stressed you’re going to fall behind, get sick, and fail. You’ll never reach your goals.
  • Be thankful! This stress response is exactly what my body is built to do so that I might have the energy and motivation to stay ahead, stay healthy, and succeed. My goals are achievable and I am capable.

Mindset matters. In fact, it is everything. You’re body, mind and heart are built to help you succeed (even if the methods seem a bit unconventional from time to time). So practice the stress management techniques that work for you, take new opportunities head-on with a positive outlook, watch Kelly McGonigal’s TED Talk, and be THANKFUL for your body’s methods of preparing you for everyday life.

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