Well-Tuned Wellness

You wake up on a weekday morning. Make breakfast, take a shower, do your normal routine. You look in the mirror and think, “Wow I haven’t really felt like myself lately.” If you’ve ever had an experience like this, it’s called being out of tune with your body. Everyone goes through this at certain levels and times. It’s completely normal. 

Our bodies and minds are like beautiful instruments that often need a bit of fine-tuning. You leave a guitar untouched for a few weeks or months, when you return to it, it just doesn’t sound right. But, with some adjustments and TLC, it will sound great! Our bodies aren’t as simple as a guitar or a piano, but listening to your body and making adjustments are essential for keeping it healthy for the long haul. So what does it mean to be in tune with your body?               

We have to start this explanation by acknowledging the wisdom our bodies hold. Think about it, your body responds to everything, big or small, that is happening in your life. It knows what nutrients it needs to thrive, helps you navigate daily decisions and life decisions, and much, much more. Your body is constantly communicating with you, letting you know what it needs, and when it needs it. When you are in tune with your body, you understand these cues and what to do when they arise. 

Here’s the problem. We are constantly surrounded by noise and convenience and this combination makes it easy to start ignoring these very important cues. And then there’s overwhelming availability of health information that can skew us to ignore these cues and follow certain practices and habits that might not be serving us. 

Here’s a quick example. A 20-year-old boy made a comment to his family, “Isn’t it so weird how almonds make your throat scratchy and close up?” His family protested this comment telling him he’s most likely allergic to almonds. He replied with, “No I am definitely not allergic to almonds, this has happened my whole life!” 

So, this food that is typically healthy and nurturing is causing a reaction in a particular person. This is a perfect example of ignoring the body’s cues. The boy simply didn’t realize the discomfort was his body’s way of alerting him that something is wrong. 

When it comes to your wellbeing, being in tune with your body might just be one of the most important things you can do. 

So, how exactly do we begin to recognize these cues and become more in tune with our bodies? Here are a few tips to get you started…

That Gut Feeling

Have you ever heard the saying “trust your gut”? Well, it’s more than just a saying. Your gut is the gateway to your whole body. It’s the truth. When it’s operating correctly, it plays a major role in so many of your body’s basic functions including mental clarity, immune function, nutrient absorption, and more. 

You’ve likely heard of the Gut-Brain Axis? Your gut and brain are directly connected. As a matter of fact, the two are “hardwired” together by the vagus nerve, connected by the enteric nervous system, connected by some 500 million neurons, and connected biochemically by more than 30 various neurotransmitters. In simple terms, they have a direct impact on one another. When your gut is happy, so is your brain and vice versa. 

The point of all of this, your gut is worth trusting and listening to as it’s connected to so many of your body’s very important organs and functions. When you feel hungry, when you feel fuzzy-headed or feel that something isn’t right or when your digestion is a little off, pause, listen, and question. Ask yourself why you are having a certain feeling, what your body is trying to communicate, and what you can do to nurture your body to help resolve it. 

Now, we are not talking about a pick-me-up coffee in the afternoon or an aspirin to relieve the symptoms. Rather, we are talking about identifying the root cause of these symptoms and addressing them at a holistic level. Has your body received the nutrients it needs to keep your energy levels up? Has it received the hydration it needs? Has it received the sleep it requires? And the list goes on…

Yes, this will take time and practice but it is so worth it. 

Tender Love and Supplements

We know and understand that your body requires the right kind of nutrients, in the proper amount for your body and your lifestyle to function at its best. And, we know and understand that every body is different and unique. And yes, your body speaks to you when it’s in need of nutrients. So, what can we do to help fill these needs? Aside from practicing a whole foods diet accompanied by adequate high-quality H20, we can supplement with whole superfood supplements

Now, your body isn’t going to speak up and say, “Hey, I need some supplements now.” But, you may notice cravings for certain foods or feel hungry “earlier” than you should. This could be your body letting you know that it needs some nutrients. 

When it comes to supplements we are taking a proactive approach and thinking ahead. We are making a commitment to ensure we feed our bodies certain nutrients day in and out. 

Finding the correct supplements for you and integrating them into your daily routine is a great way to be centered during the day. Whether you’re taking them with breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, adding them into your routine can help you to be more mindful of your eating and your health. 

Daily Mindfulness

Being in tune with your body takes work, and as we’ve talked about already is the need to integrate “tuning in” practices into your daily routine. So let’s look at a great way to practice being in tune every day:

  • Start by sitting or lying down in a comfortable position. Take five deep breaths. Be aware of your breath moving through your lungs.
  • Notice the sensation you feel during your breaths in your feet.
  • Next, be aware of the sensation in your legs. 
  • Feel each body part in each full breath cycle as you move up your torso. Feel your upper legs, hips, lower torso, higher torso, lungs, hands, arms, shoulders, neck, and lastly, head.
  • Your mind is bound to wander during this exercise. When this occurs, gently bring your mind back to the last part you were at.
  • Finish this exercise by feeling your body as a whole.

You can make this exercise last as long as you need. After you finish, ask yourself a couple of questions. Did I notice anything I haven’t noticed before? Do I feel more or less connected with my body? What emotions, if any, did I feel in my body? Give yourself time every day to feel what your body is telling you.

Being in tune with your body is a huge step in both your mindfulness and wellness journey. It will open the doors to understanding your body and mind on a deeper and more intimate level. When life seems to go off course or goals are seeming to fly by, you will be able to be grounded in what you know: yourself. This is part of what we call living the #NewEarthLife, knowing your mind and your body as you strive for overall wellness.

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