14 April 2014

It’s not always easy to stay active. First, we have to get over the hurdle of deciding to exercise in the first place. Second, we have to discover what works best for ourselves, whether it means 30 minutes of walking per day or signing up for a gym membership.

Take this under careful consideration, too: It’s important for us to consider all aspects of our active lifestyle. What we do is equally as important as what we eat. Each goes hand-in-hand.

Here’s some good news to go along with that. New Earth allows you to both maintain a healthy diet and increase your physical health at the same time.

When you use any of the several products in its Edge line, you’re not just adding the many nutrients your body needs and craves. You’re also promoting a faster recovery time after workouts, helping decrease soreness and build muscle more efficiently.

In essence, when you choose New Earth, you’re making a conscious decision to live a healthier, more rewarding life overall. And that’s a goal worth constantly striving for.

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5 November 2013


Bacteria get a bad reputation. The harmful strains that cause disease, infection, and illness get all of the attention. Antibiotics are one of the top prescribed drugs, and dozens of new antibacterial products land on the shelves every year.

But how often do you hear about good bacteria? Probiotics, literally meaning “for life,” are the beneficial flora that make up your own internal ecosystem. A healthy body contains billions of them providing natural protection against the insults of a modern lifestyle. Stress, environmental toxins, processed foods, chlorinated water, sugar, and caffeine all upset the balance of probiotics in your digestive tract. If the good bacteria aren’t restored, then a variety of digestive upsets and immune system deficiencies will occur.

Traditional cultures have long recognized the value of fermented foods for digestive support and immunity, but our modern diet makes these foods increasingly difficult to access. At New Earth, it’s easy to restore and regenerate your digestive system with high quality and nutrient-rich probiotics. We know from experience what emerging science is now demonstrating…quality probiotic supplementation has far-reaching benefits including:

-Increased ability to absorb nutrients*
-B-vitamin production for immune system support*
-Promotion of healthy digestion and elimination*
-Natural energy booster
Our cutting-edge probiotics are superior because in addition to billions of colonies of live cultures, they are blended with our own Wild Bluegreen Algae. The presence of dozens of essential micronutrients provides on the spot nutrition needed for the growth of good bacteria.

If you’re looking for more energy, a stronger immune system, and healthy digestion, then it’s time to bring the good guys back into your diet.

17 October 2013

During the winter months more people are searching for ways to naturally strengthen and nourish their immune systems—with New Earth wild superfoods, it’s easy. At our core, we are about harnessing the power of nature for your health and vitality, and we do this by developing products that just work.

Did you know that forests have an immune system? And that it’s remarkably like yours? Within weeks of a devastating forest fire, the first sign of a recovering habitat is the growth of a variety of fungi. As they mature and release spores, insects and animals are attracted to a new food source. Leaving behind seeds and taking new spores with them to their next location sparks the beginning of the regeneration process. It’s a miracle of life that research is just starting to catch up to, and this regeneration is mirrored in your own body.

Scientists call fungi “the forest’s immune system,” because in addition to recycling and regenerating, they nourish the trees and protect them from invaders and disease. Nutrient-dense and enzyme-rich, mushrooms pass on sophisticated information about how to cope with and adapt to pathogens and other environmental stressors. Much like how your immune system develops antibodies to protect from future infections and stressors.

New Earth brings the world’s most revered and sought-after mushrooms to you because what they do for the planet, they can also do for you. They embody the wisdom of nature at its most versatile and adaptable—and they deliver that resilience and cellular intelligence to you!

26 September 2013

Pssst. Wanna know a secret? This one’s burning a hole in our pocket, we just have to tell someone. And this isn’t some one-or-two-day-old secret. Not a few months old, or a year or two. This one’s been around since the beginning of life on Earth. Now that’s a secret that’s truly itching to get out! …

Here’s a hint: it’s about blue-green algae. More specifically—since there are tens of thousands of species—Wild Bluegreen Algae. You know a lot about algae…the oceans are full of it, clean biofuel is sourced from it, sushi is wrapped in it, and small to large bodies of water love to host it. All true, these common understandings signify something deeper, more mysterious, and more profound.

The algae story begins at the beginning of life itself. When the Earth was covered in toxic gas, two mighty and symbiotic organisms—algae and fungi—transformed it into an oxygen-rich biosphere. Today algae provide up to 70 percent of all oxygen on Earth. There’s more to this story, but we’ll jump to 8,000 years ago when a historic volcanic eruption shook the old-growth forests of southern Oregon.

A vast explosion showered mineral-rich ash for thousands of miles and formed Crater Lake—the deepest and purest lake in the Western Hemisphere. At just under 2,000 feet of pristine water, the caldera’s rim averages an elevation of 7,000 feet, creating an awe-inspiring display of raw power. The heart of a complex network of pristine lakes, rivers, and mountain springs feeding Upper Klamath Lake, Crater Lake is the mothership.


Now fast forward to the late 1980s: A team of scientists and educators discovered a wild strain of blue-green algae, nourished by a deep bed of mineral-rich volcanic sediment and blooming in the largest freshwater lake in Oregon. That cataclysmic eruption fostered conditions for another natural wonder: Aphanizomenon flos-aquae—a potent, edible blue-green microalgae with unique nutritional properties. Nature’s perfect food.

When they began eating this algae, they experienced more energy, vitality, clarity, and a stronger immune response. They felt better, slept better, and even looked better. The science emerged, confirming they had discovered an abundant, sustainable, and unparalleled source of organic nutrients. Over the next 30 years, algal experts mapped a nutritional profile of a single-celled organism unparalleled in our food chain. New Earth’s Wild Bluegreen Algae contains a remarkably balanced nutritional profile of pigments like chlorophyll, 13 essential vitamins, 60 micronutrients including 23 trace elements, and Omega-3 and Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acids most commonly found in fish oil.

The research-backed nutrient list continues, but perhaps the most astounding quality of this blue-green algae is the amino acid profile. A complete vegetarian protein, Wild Bluegreen Algae contains all 20 amino acids in quantities nearly identical to human breast milk. This tiny organism holds ancient wisdom that billions of dollars of research and development haven’t mastered. And the only harvestable source in the world is Upper Klamath Lake.

What if we told you that the bottom line is that eating ancient foods like Wild Bluegreen Algae every day could transform your life with vitality that you never thought possible? The smartest thing you can do for your health might just be giving your body the raw nutrients it needs to function and heal itself the way nature intended.

And by the way, that secret we mentioned? It’s really okay if you tell others about it.

In fact, please do!