Is Direct Sales Right for You in 2020?

Here we are, at the very beginning of the new decade. Maybe you have started thinking about 2020 and what you hope to accomplish, maybe you are saving that task for next week. Regardless, you will have goals and you will need a plan to accompany those goals.

As you sit here and read this, I encourage you to take a beat and think about what you want for yourself in the years to come with 2020 being the beginning. Yes, most of us would like to have a yacht and sail the world next year but let’s face it, it’s not really feasible for most of us. Impossible? No. But, taking time and resources into consideration, not likely.

What is likely, however, is an additional stream of income that can have a significant impact on your financial wellbeing, and an improvement in health allowing you to get a little more living out of your life. Those are all very much achievable in 2020.

That poses the question then, as we move into the roaring 2020s: Could you benefit from Direct Sales?

And then just a few more…

  • Could you use some extra income?
  • Would you like to feel better health than you are feeling now?
  • Would you like to team up with passionate people to improve other people’s lives?

Admittedly, these are all leading questions that anyone can say “yes” to.

So let’s dig a bit deeper because Direct Selling isn’t for everyone. This business model operates at it’s finest when we are willing to push a bit outside of our comfort zones (which is beneficial for us all, by the way). And, some people simply do not want to “sell”. That’s perfectly okay!

What exactly is Direct Selling? Simply put, it’s a business model where products are retailed directly to the consumer. It’s an industry that thrives on personal connection and building relationships, something we all need in this life.

Filled with almost any type of company and product you can think of, Direct Selling allows those who are motivated the opportunity to easily run and operate their own business. It’s a business model where you get out what you put in.

I’ve been around this industry long enough to know that New Earth is different than other Direct Selling companies. We began with a life-changing nutritional product when we discovered Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), a type of blue-green microalgae and chose Direct Sales to bring it to the world. And, as a result, we have attracted the most amazing people that a company could ever hope for.

In fact, we are extremely fortunate here at New Earth, we not only have unique, compassionate and motivated community but we also have products that are so transformative that for some, they can’t help but draw in new customers through their sheer enthusiasm. We have real products and a real opportunity to earn. And, in my opinion, it’s our core commitment to product quality that gives New Earth its competitive advantage.

When you have products with a risk-free guarantee like we do, and quality and efficacy that you can stand behind, you have a real business and a real opportunity for success.

Our products are what set us apart from the rest. In other words, the New Earth Direct Sales opportunity might be a good fit for more people than other Direct Sales companies because our product quality promotes sharing with confidence.

So back to the original question: Would you enjoy earning some extra income by sharing a guaranteed effective nutritional product line alongside other passionate people in the year 2020?

If that answer is yes, go ahead, learn more about the New Earth opportunity and start living the #NewEarthLife.

Article by Justin Straus, long-time AFA consumer, and New Earth development magician.